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In courts across the United States, various kinds of cases like civil, criminal, appeals anong other types are pursued. Procedures enacted for civil, criminal and appellate cases differ from each other. So you should try gaining more knowledge about them if you are forced to take the legal route when charged with a crime or you need to defend yourself in a civil case or if you are filing an appeal in an appellate court if a lower court’s decision has gone against you.

In a civil court, a case involving two parties, a plaintiff files a complaint against the defendant stating the actions of the defendant are causing him harm and he wants the defendant to stop the activities which are affecting him. The plaintiff pays a certain fee to the court for initiating the case against the defendant. The plaintiff has to establish his claim by providing the necessary evidence and witnesses. If he manages to prove his claim, the court will ask the defendant to stop doing the activity which is bringing harm to the plaintiff. At times, the court may try to settle differences between the two parties to make them reach some kind of settlement.

In a criminal case, a police or criminal investigation officer would ask the court to file a case against a suspect charged for some criminal activity. The officer would come to know about a criminal activity through witnesses and he would himself investigate the matter to confirm whether it indeed was a criminal activity. If he confirms the same, he would press for charges to be filed against the suspected person. If the court agrees, it would file charges against the suspect. Government lawyers would try to establish suspect as criminal. The charged person would hire his own lawyers to defend himself. If unable to hire his own layers, the court would be providing government lawyers to him for defending him. If charges get proved against the suspect during a case, he would be sentenced and sent to prison for completing his sentence.

In the appellate courts, an appeal can be filed by a litigant who is not satisfied with a lower court’s verdict as it was not in his favor. The law of United States allows filing of appeals in certain cases where the courts may have erred or if they have indulged in a misconduct. If an appellate court finds that the judgement given by the lower court is not right, it can change the judgement and decide in the favor of the appellant.

Court dockets consist of all materials filed by the court or by any party during a court case. Generally courts assign each newly filed action with a certain docket number. People can obtain copy of their court dockets through their docket number. Docket numbers can be found online on the designated authorities’ website if the name of the court is known along with the last name of one party. People can also obtain the docket number by visiting the respective court clerk office or Sheriff’s Office in-person. They will have to pay certain fees for taking a copy of the court dockets or for downloading them.

Similarly court records report, court case report and criminal records check can be accessed online or obtained by paying a visit to the court clerk’s or other designated office. To take their copy certain fee has to be paid. While criminal records check is needed by people keen to work outside USA to prove their crime free background, court records report and court case report are important to know more information about the activities involved with a given case. Though government does offer such information for public viewing, not all information can be viewed as some of the cases are deemed sensitive. So government can withhold information for protecting confidentiality of people involved with such cases.

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