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Flagstaff Arizona Police Station Address: 911 E Sawmill Rd, Flagstaff, AZ 86001, United States

4 years ago
Please contact Sgt. James Jackson for more information about the Press Conference. 928-556-2300

5 years ago
FPD Ofc K. Butler-Ingram makes arrest for the fire that was started yesterday at the Oakwood Village Apts. See our Facebook page for more.

5 years ago
Flagstaff Police investigating a drive-by-shooting that happened on April 27, 2013 on Thorpe Rd. See our Facebook for more information.

5 years ago
According to recent information this student may be heading back to the Bow and Arrow subdivision. Numerous L E resources are searching.

Flagstaff Police Department

Non-emergency: 928-774-1414 / Emergency: 9-1-1
The lobby at 911 E. Sawmill Road is open during the following times:

• Monday through Friday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
• Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
• Sunday: Closed

You may call 928-774-1414 during these hours for general information or to speak with the station officer.

Mailing Address: 911 E. Sawmill Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Any content posted is subject to public disclosure. Comments will be monitored and the Flagstaff Police Department reserves the right to remove obscenities, off-topic comments, political comments and personal attacks. If comments of this nature from one person are excessive, they may be banned. Opinions expressed by visitors to this site do not reflect the opinions of the Mesa Police Department or the City of Mesa.

Flagstaff Police Department

Flagstaff Police Department1 day ago

The Flagstaff Police Department is asking the public for assistance in maintaining safety in our community by obeying all traffic laws. If you observe areas in the city that have frequent traffic violations pleas inform us by filing a complaint at: http://az-flagstaff4.civicplus.com/3605/Online-Services.

Recent Citizen Complaint zones include:

Fremont Blvd for speeding.
Empire Avenue for speeding.
Hunt and Leroux for stop sign violations
Peakview Street for speeding
Zuni Drive for stop sign violations
MEMS school for speeding
Leroux and Columbus for failure to obey traffic control device
Dodge andTrails End for failure to obey traffic control device
Turquoise for speeding
Clay Avenue for speeding

While we continue to work the entire city for various violations, citizens should expect officers to have an increased presence at the above locations. Our traffic goal is to improve the quality of life for our law abiding citizens by providing exemplary service. We also want to reduce the number of collisions.

Flagstaff Police Department

Flagstaff Police Department5 days ago

Flagstaff Police Department- MEDIA RELEASE

The Flagstaff Police Department has arrested Mr. Jerrod Schmidt, 38 years of age of Flagstaff, AZ, for trespassing and a violation of sex offender registration requirements after reports the suspect was peering into windows of Summit High School.

This morning, 1-12-18 at approximately 8:08 AM, the Flagstaff Police Department responded to Summit High School in reference to a report of an adult male who had climbed a tree and was looking into unoccupied classrooms at the school. Staff stated that the suspect fled the area when confronted by school officials. After police arrived the suspect returned to the school and was detained when school staff identified the man as the person looking into classroom windows. The suspect then fled the area again through fenced commercial properties. He was later located at the Flagstaff Mall. Police identified him as Mr. Jerrod Schmidt and learned that he was registered as a sex offender and had been evicted from his residential address ten days ago. Security Staff at the mall informed police they had previously trespassed the subject from the Mall.

The suspect was booked into Coconino County Jail on charges of trespassing and for violation of sex offender registration requirements.

Flagstaff Police Department

Flagstaff Police Department shared Inside The Fire: A Page For First Responders’s video.5 days ago

Are you interested in an amazing career? Dispatchers are typically the first line of contact for citizens requesting help. We are currently hiring for dispatchers!

Flagstaff Police Department

Flagstaff Police Department

Flagstaff Police Department6 days ago

The Flagstaff Police Department wants to know if a police or fire dispatching career is for you?

• No criminal convictions, no pending convictions, and don’t even think about having any future convictions.
• No drug sampling or overzealous nights of beer pong.
• Ability to solve the worlds’ problems in an 8-12 hour shift.
• Voice must be clearer than a truck driver on a CB radio.
• Must enjoy talking in codes, making your own static noises is optional.

• Lots of left over donuts.
• Tracking down 911 hang up calls like a detective on Law and Order.
• Visits from furry K9 friends.
• Telling cops where to go.
• Getting to ride on the big red truck.
• The joy of saving lives one phone call at a time.

Interested? Please visit http://Flagstaff.az.gov/jobs.

Flagstaff Police Department

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Flagstaff Police Department

Flagstaff Police Department6 days ago

Police have located Melissa Ann Santana. We would like to thank the public for your assistance in helping to locate her.

Thank You.