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Burbank California Police Station Address: 200 N 3rd St, Burbank, CA 91502, United States

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Storm Information and Voluntary Evacuation Warning for Wednesday March 21, 2018: https://t.co/MWqy4hY9Pz https://t.co/JFLQsahoPs

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2/2 TRAIL STATUS UPDATE: As a matter of personal safety, please avoid these areas, especially during periods of heavy rainfall. The potential for mud and debris flow could place you in a dangerous situation. https://t.co/21nphJUeUZ

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1/2 TRAIL STATUS UPDATE: Due to the expected rainfall over the next few days, all Burbank hiking trails, the Stough Nature Center and Wildwood Canyon recreation areas will be CLOSED as of today (3/20/18) at 3:00 PM, and will remain closed until further notice. https://t.co/AWIHHGxYe8

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Correction on dates from the City of Burbank: No Parking restrictions to remain in effect until 8AM Friday, March 23, 2018

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2/2 Country Club Dr east of Via Montana; Groton Dr east of Kenneth Rd; All of Hamline Pl.

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1/2: Weather/Parking Restrictions: With heavy rains expected, the following will be designated as NO PARKING zones 8A/Wed to 8A/Thurs ..

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Storm Information and Voluntary Evacuation Warning for Wednesday March 21, 2018: bit.ly/2HQspCX

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Important Information from the City of Burbank:

Burbank, CA (March 19, 2018) – With expected heavy rainfall this week, the following streets will be designated as NO PARKING beginning at 8am Wednesday (3/21/18) through 8am Friday (3/23/18) – or extended as-needed for debris removal operations on a case-by-case basis:

​>>Country Club Drive east of Via Montana
>>Groton Drive east of Kenneth Road
>>Hamline Place

These will be tow away areas. Signs will be posted on each street and electronic changeable message sign trails have been deployed to these locations advising citizens of the “no parking” restrictions.

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Officer Choe crossed the finish line at 4:40 A.M this morning. Total time was 16 hours 39 minutes. Not quite fast enough for a mug, but we are proud of our runners, support staff and community members who rooted for us! Till next year #Vegas! #baker2vegas #B2V #Burbank #BurbankPD

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Burbank Police Department

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We are proud of all of our runners and support staff members competing in this year’s Baker 2 Vegas Challenge Cup Relay! As day turned to night, our runners powered through mile after mile in the cool temps. We are ready for a big finish this morning in Las Vegas!

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Storm Update from the City of Burbank:

Burbank, CA (March 16, 2018) – The County’s work to expand Upper Sunset Debris Basin, above Country Club Drive, is complete. This was the facility that was under construction for expansion during the large January storm that sent mudflow (and vehicles) through the neighborhood. Depending on the severity of the upcoming storm there is potential for mudflow in these areas. Please see the following highlights:

> Debris basins in Sunset Canyon in the La Tuna Burn Area took in significant debris flow from the March 14-15 storm.

> Two of the basins – Upper Sunset and Sunset Deer – took in enough debris to fill about two-thirds of the capacity.

> LA County crews will be working throughout the weekend, as conditions permit, to clear debris materials from these basins in advance of storms.

> Depending on the severity of the upcoming storms there is real potential for mudflow

> The County is joint messaging with our partner cities in these burn areas.

Residents can prepare in advance of storm events by doing the following:

> Keep the street clear of vehicles or other containers that could be impacted or swept downstream.

> Sandbags are available at Fire Station 16 (1600 N Bel Aire Drive) to help protect properties and vulnerable doorways.Sand to fill the bags is located at Brace Canyon Park (2901 Haven Way).

> LA County residents, renters, and business owners, including persons with disabilities and others with access and functional needs, may call 211 within Los Angeles County for emergency preparedness information and other referral services.

Stay tuned to local news reports on upcoming storms. The public can find resources and links at the County’s storm season webpage: lacounty.gov/larain