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Chico California Police Station Address: 1460 Humboldt Rd, Chico, CA 95928, United States

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Chico Police Department·
The Chico Police Department is asking for the public’s help in locating a missing adult.
Lance Hauer, was last seen on foot at 8am near his house on Palmetto Avenue in Chico.
described as 5’10 tall and approx. 150 pounds.
If seen: 530-897-4911 https://t.co/0p4RhvJbwl

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National Night Out is coming up fast! Register your neighborhood party with the Chico PD TARGET Team: 530-897-4942 https://t.co/eOKvtZsJF7

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All of us at Chico PD wish to express our condolences to the family, friends and our brothers and sisters at the Chico Fire Department as we mourn the loss of Fire Captain Joe Duran who passed away September 12th.

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Please join us on Monday, September 17, 2018 from 4pm – 6pm at CSU Chico (W. 2nd Street) ~ Bell Memorial Union Rm #203 for the Police Community Advisory Board (PCAB) meeting to discuss how we are keeping our community safe.

Our next meeting will be held on Monday, November 5, 2018 from 4pm-6pm at the Old Municipal Building ~ 441 Main Street.

For more information on PCAB, please visit http://www.ci.chico.ca.us/police/PoliceCommunityAdvisoryBoard.asp or call (530) 897-4950.

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Thank you to The Teraces of Chico #theterracesofchico for hosting Ribs for First Responders!

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Chico High School Burglary Arrested.
Chico, CA
On September 6th, 2018, at 8:00 am Chico Police School Resource Officers became aware of a burglary that occurred at Chico Senior High School that night prior.

It was learned that several thousand dollars’ worth a Chromebooks tablets were stolen from several classrooms. During the investigation, video surveillance was obtained that captured the burglary and the burglary suspect.

Later a photo of the suspect was distributed, and the suspect was identified as a 25-year-old Chico transient; Michael Coley. In the early morning hours of 9/12/2018, Chico State Police Officers located Coley and detained him. Chico Police School Resource Officers responded and took custody of Coley for burglary.

Coley was transported to the Butte County Jail where he was booked for violation of 459 PC – (Burglary).

Location: 901 Esplanade (Chico Senior High School)
Date/Time: 09/06/2018 at 0800
Supervisor: Sgt. Mike Williams S-14
Watch Commander: Commander Ted McKinnon

Chico Police Department

Chico Police Department6 days ago

Date: 9/12/18

Chico, CA – On 9/12/18 at about 11:07am a male, later identified as William EMIS (43yr old from Oroville, CA), walked into the Liquor Bank convenience store (915 Main St. Chico, CA) and stole a bottle of beer. As he walked by the clerk he told him “Call the Cops because I’m not paying for this” and walked out.

Officers quickly responded out and located the shoplifter, near the Jesus Center, where he had just finished drinking the beer. After being positively identified by the clerk, he was arrested. EMIS erroneously believed that since his theft was a misdemeanor, he would be cited and released. EMIS was booked into Butte County Jail.

While the theft of a $2 beer might seem a trivial matter to some, the brazen attitude of EMIS required prompt attention and his arrest is in line with our commitment to the community’s businesses and our ongoing efforts of holding wrongdoers accountable.

Location: Liquor Bank (915 Main St.)
Date/Time: 9/12/18 1107 a.m.
Victim: Liquor Bank
Suspect: William EMIS, 43 yrs., Oroville, CA
Supervisor: Sgt. O. Peña, Watch Commander: Cmdr. B. Aldridge