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Campbell musician saves 80 year old from choking! He’s our #MHPD hero https://t.co/rp6fnKtbrA https://t.co/Nb7ckQBAZO

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Armed Robber Behind Bars. MHPD developed leads and identified Matthew DeLaRosa as being the suspect who hit EYEfiniTEA Optique & Lounge on 12/24. He was arrested in Hollister on 1/12 and confessed to the MH crime as well as similar ones in SJ, Monterey, Seaside and Capitola. https://t.co/FktXgYM1zT

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Can you help us ID this individual? Live Oak High School has been hit numerous times over the past few months with vandalism and theft and this may be the guy responsible. Check out this snapshot taken over the weekend. Contact Officer Brandon with any leads. 669-253-4920 https://t.co/ob0QEKxaP9

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UPDATE: Jayson Goodich was arrested this morning by MHPD Detectives in San Jose. You may remember Goodrich scammed numerous good citizens in town with various fake sob stories, collecting hundreds of dollars in the process. Anything unreported…Officer Ponza at 669-253-4984 https://t.co/DjI9dlccXz

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IRONIC MOMENT OF THE DAY! #MHPD arrest 21 year old #DUI driver spinning donuts…on a flat tire which now needs a….donut. https://t.co/SQgp7c1KDU https://t.co/EDS4nM0sRQ

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In the first few days of 2018 #MHPD officers have responded to calls for suicide, child abuse, theft, fraud, narcotics, DUI rollovers, burglary and more. Why do we do it? https://t.co/lZX8K5TTc7 https://t.co/1WkTkKjEMH

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A happy story for the weekend!

An #MHPD officer heard dispatch broadcast a medical call for an 80 year old man choking at a private memorial service downtown. The officer was across the street helping his partner on an unrelated car stop and knew he could get there first. When it comes to the airway a FAST RESPONSE is everything.

Our officers are trained in first aid and CPR (this officer was an EMT) and know how important time is.

The officer arrived as Anthony OLYAEE (Campbell, CA) successfully administered the Heimlich Maneuver. The older gentleman’s airway was cleared and he got some big healthy breaths.

Our officer described Anthony OLYAEE as a #hero. “He didn’t know how to do the Heimlich but he knew he had to do something. Simply stepping up saved this man’s life. I have no doubt that this could have been a different story if Anthony wasn’t there”

OLYAEE told the officer “I just knew he was in a bad way and someone needed to do something”

OLYAEE is a musician and actually had a connection to #MHPD. He used to give drum lessons to an officers son.

The moral of the story is get trained and be ready to step up.
What a great story!

Have a safe weekend friends. We will be here if you need us.

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Armed Robbery Suspect Behind Bars and gives full confession.

You may remember the armed masked subject who hit the EYEfiniTEA Optique & Lounge just before Christmas.

MHPD Detectives developed leads using social media and other means and identified the suspect as being Matthew De La Rosa -31, of Hollister.
Information was also developed that De La Rosa had possibly committed similar crimes in Sunnyvale, Monterey, Seaside, San Jose and Capitola.

On January 12, 2018, Morgan Hill Police Detectives with the assistance of Agents from the Unified Narcotic Enforcement Team (UNET) conducted surveillance, located and arrested De La Rosa in Hollister. De La Rosa was located with his girlfriend Christy Aguirre and she was arrested by the San Benito County Sheriff’s Office for multiple unrelated charges.
MHPD Detectives also served a search warrant at DeLaRosa’s residence and located stolen property taken during his robberies.
Morgan Hill Police Detectives questioned De La Rosa about all of the above mentioned robberies. De La Rosa confessed to committing all six armed robberies. He was booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail on multiple armed robbery charges.

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Marty McFly had a car that could fly and travel through time.
James Bond had a car that could drive under water.

We’ve been promised cars with special capabilities, cool tricks, and gadgets for the last 30 years and WE ARE STILL WAITING!

When #MHPD officers responded to this solo vehicle collision near Malaguerra Ave and Cochrane Rd they thought they’d finally found the car capable of driving underwater…..turns out they hadn’t.

Colin FLYNN (38, Santa Cruz) told officers he had swerved to avoid a deer (we’ve issued a BOL for the suspect deer) and that the incident had nothing to do with the really strong odor of alcohol coming from him. FLYNN was arrested on suspicion of DUI and transported to MHPD for processing where he refused to provide a sample as required by law. Officers obtained a search warrant and ultimately FLYNN decided it was better to comply with the judicial order than refuse. It can be tough to explain to a judge why you refused their lawful order.

FLYNN was booked into Santa Clara County Main Jail on suspicion of DUI and delaying an investigation.

After many hours the 2017 Tesla was finally removed from the creek which was no easy task. Officers did not see any dear in the area but still advise all drivers to do the following when driving in Morgan Hill:
1. Keep a lookout for deer.
2. Drive at a safe speed.
3. Don’t drive drunk/buzzed.

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On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day we defer to the wisdom of the man himself.

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This one is a #Twofer post.

The traffic stop below resulted in the arrest of the driver for a felony drug sales warrant. Additional on-view charges of drugs and drug paraphernalia were added. The driver was booked into County Jail.

While helping my partner on this investigatory stop I was amazed and concerned with how many people flew past our cars at 60, 70, 80+.

21809(a) VC states that a driver must “Move over” to the next available lane away from vehicles with flashing emergency lights, or amber lights (Tow trucks or Cal Trans). If you are unable to move over to the next lane safely (because it’s occupied) you must “Slow down” to a reasonable, safe and prudent speed.

We work with local tow companies and I asked a few of the guys how often cars pull over. The results were not good. One driver told me he hates helping on the freeway because of trucks and cars speeding past him. He’s scared a drunk driver, someone texting, or just not paying attention will move a little too close and that’s it…….

So please remember to “Move over or Slow down” when you see the lights on the side of the road.

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You may have seen this when it happened.

Yesterday around 4:30pm, when most commute traffic is on the road and heading home to enjoy time with family, a drunk driver struck another vehicle, forcing it into a 3rd vehicle, resulting in minor injuries. This occurred near Monterey Rd and Tennant Ave.

The suspect fled the scene but was found trying to make it back home about 15 minutes later by an #MHPD officer who was waiting nearby.

The driver was Makiah KING (18 years old, Morgan Hill) and she was ultimately arrested on 7 charges including suspicion of Felony DUI, Felony Hit & Run and DUI minor. Her breath alcohol was 0.291%. The limit is 0.08% for a driver over 21 and 0.00% for anyone under 21.

Her passenger Antonio AVITIA was also arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of conspiracy and allowing an unlicensed driver to operate a vehicle.

Thankfully today the only trip was to jail and not to the morgue for an innocent member of our community.

Are you outraged? You REALLY should be.


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Beautiful sunset tonight in Morgan Hill!
Stay safe and call us if you need us 📞