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Mountain View California Police Station Address: 1000 Villa St, Mountain View, CA 94041, United States

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@ATCnow Got it. Keep this number handy in case this happens again: 650-903-6395. We would be happy to check when you call to make sure all is ok.

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@ATCnow Hi Sara, sorry to hear that. Did you call us to report it?

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@ATCnow Nope, not recently! But for all you folks listening out there, don’t do it!

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MVPD is a diverse group of individuals dedicated to serving our community. From the police officer on patrol to the records specialist working at our front desk, we’re all here to provide nothing less than exceptional service.
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‪UPDATE 9:20 pm: We are pleased to announce that Diana has been located and is safe. Thank you all for helping to spread the word. As always, it is very much appreciated. ‬

Can you help us find Diana Flores-Leiva? She was last seen just before 9 am this morning at ECR + Bay St. She’s wearing a green sweatshirt with the word “PINK” on it, jeans, black shoes + a black backpack.

Diana is 11 years old, roughly 5’5” tall and has brown hair with brown eyes. If you see her, please call MVPD at 650-903-6395 immediately. We’d like to get her back home safely to her family. Thanks in advance for your help, all.

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‪We are excited to announce our next Speaker Series event, right here at MVPD! In this session, our very own subject matter experts will focus on drug trends and how they impact our communities. ‬

‪Join us Tues., May 1 at 7 pm. See you then 👍

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A Mountain View man was arrested Monday afternoon after he rolled on top of an officer, took their Taser, and ran away before surrendering.

Around 2:20 pm, one of our officers was on patrol on the 500 block of Cypress Point when they noticed that a front license plate on a silver BMW did not match the back license plate. Our officer pulled over to investigate further to see not only which plate belonged to the vehicle, but to determine if the car may have been stolen.

As our officer was checking the plate, a man, identified as 36-year-old Richard Gescat, approached our officer. Gescat explained that he was in the process of fixing the vehicle but had not yet been able to register it under his name.

As our officer spoke with Gescat to try and determine the ownership status of the car, Gescat became increasingly agitated.

Despite being told to by our officer to stay where he was, Gescat suddenly began walking towards a second car that was nearby. Our officer, along with a second officer who had subsequently arrived on scene, repeatedly asked Gescat to stay where he was and to listen to our officers’ instructions.

As our officers asked Gescat to sit down, he suddenly turned and ran from our officers through a parking lot. Our officers followed after him. They were able to stop him, but at some point in their attempts to detain him, Gescat rolled back on top of one of our officers and pinned them to the ground. Gescat then grabbed our officer’s Taser that they had pulled out to try and deploy, jumped up and ran away again.

Again our officers followed Gescat, and as we approached him, he stopped. Gescat then sat down on his knees and later threw the Taser to the side. Fortunately, neither Gescat nor our officers were injured in this incident.

Gescat was subsequently arrested for resisting arrest with force or violence, committing a felony while on bail, disarming a police officer and registration compliance violation.

He was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail where he is currently being held on $86,000 bail.

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‪Who: You‬
‪What: Us‬
‪Where: Here‬
‪When: Now‬
‪Why: Because who doesn’t love serving their community?‬

‪We’re hiring for lateral dispatchers 🙌 Do you love being a part of a team that helps out, no matter what? Then MVPD may be just the place for you. 👀👂✅⬇️‬

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Mountain View Police Department

Mountain View Police Department1 week ago

Two men were arrested early Saturday morning after they attempted to kidnap a woman and then, when her friends came to her aid, brandished a gun at the victims before firing several rounds as they tried to drive away.

Around 2 am on April 14, a woman walking behind a business on the 200 block of Casto Street was approached by two men.

The men tried to then physically push the woman into a nearby vehicle, but the woman fought back, yelling as she did so. One of the suspects then went to the car and retrieved a handgun. As the woman and the two men struggled, two other men who were friends of the woman walked up and tried to intervene. The suspect who had retrieved the handgun from the car allegedly pointed the gun at one of the men before the struggle between the woman and the suspects ended.

The suspects then got into their car and drove away from the scene, firing off several rounds of ammunition as they did so.

One of our officers who was responding to the call spotted the suspect car as it was trying to drive away and stopped the suspects.

The men, identified as 29-year-old Guillermo Perez and 19-year-old Walter Ramirez, were arrested and the handgun recovered.

Early Sunday morning, detectives subsequently executed a search warrant at the men’s home in Menlo Park as part of the ongoing investigation. Several rounds of additional ammunition were recovered, as was a Taser.

The investigation into this case, including any potential relationship between the victims and the suspects, is ongoing.

Mountain View Police Department

Mountain View Police Department2 weeks ago

We would like to present to you, in their entirety, both of our officers’ footage of their interaction with the woman who would later be identified as YouTube shooting suspect, Nasim Aghdam. We are also sharing the phone call our dispatch center placed down to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, where we inquired further to find out just why Aghdam had been labeled “at risk” at the time she left her home. Furthermore, we are also providing a timeline breakdown of the entire interaction, which begins when one of our officers checks Aghdam’s license plate until the moment they part ways with her, roughly 17 minutes later.

All footage and radio traffic as well as the timeline can be viewed at the link here: http://www.mountainview.gov/news/displaynews.asp?NewsID=1305&TargetID=9

In all of this content, we have also provided some additional context on lingering questions, misunderstandings or follow-up inquiries we have received.

If you have any additional questions after you read the timeline, watch the footage and listen to the radio traffic and call, we’d be happy to answer them.