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UPDATE: Scott Hagan arrested. After obtaining an arrest warrant and actively seeking Hagan, officers located and arrested him without incident for evading police and resisting arrest. #BetterTogether @PleasantonCA. https://t.co/YVKrvvajIL

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3 days ago
Officer attempted to stop reckless driver, Scott Hagan, who ran into his former residence after a short vehicle pursuit. After exhaustive attempts to communicate, and believing Hagan was in crisis, Officers seek arrest warrant for evading police. #BetterTogether @pleasantonca https://t.co/I7jYXvJH9H

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4 days ago
Attempted Murder Suspect – ARRESTED. PPD arrested Brian Bertoli who punched a female repeatedly. Bertoli was taken into custody after a brief struggle and Taser application. If you have information call 925-931-5100. @pleasantonca https://t.co/aTA0guuQDh

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1 week ago
A tree that fell over in the rain ended a vehicle pursuit of a person our officers believe was up to no good. He escaped the scene so if you see this guy we’d sure like a call https://t.co/0fr3laD1bh #BetterTogether #PleasantonCA #crrimefightingtreesrule #werecomingforyou https://t.co/RKF6XIx9uo

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2 weeks ago
On 12/11/17 around 11:15 on W Lagoon Rd victim vehicle window broken and purse stolen. Driver of this vehicle fraudulently used victim’s credit cards. Vehicle: silver GMC w/black hood. If you have info call (925)931-5100. #BetterTogether @pleasantonca https://t.co/OpT5jFpVv6 https://t.co/PALhKXXjSq

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It’s pouring out there today so batten down the hatches! We’ll also be using terms like “nautical miles,” “Ahoy,” and “Starboard.” Oh, and we called the Chief “Admiral” but not sure how he feels about that. #drivesafely #headlightson #slowdown #BetterTogether #PleasantonCa

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Pleasanton Police Department and Pleasanton Unified School District caution students and parents about the Assassin Game

The annual game “Assassin” is now being played by students from Foothill High School and Amador Valley High School. This game is not sanctioned, supported, or approved by the Pleasanton Unified School District. The Pleasanton Police Department and the school district are collectively concerned about the safety of our youth, thus we are reaching out to parents and students with important information about this dangerous activity.

The game involves teams of seniors who are assigned “targets” whom they have to “assassinate” using toy Nerf type guns that fire foam darts. Each participant pays an entry fee and after several rounds and several months of play, the winner is the last person standing. The winner collects a large pot of cash, the collection, and custody of which can create liability for the game organizer as participants often make accusations of mishandling or gouging of funds. There are specific rules concerning the type of weapon used, which cannot be altered or painted in any fashion. There are also rules regarding times and locations the subjects may be “assassinated,” and so on.

A major concern for parents, school staff, and Pleasanton police is that the thrill of the game overrides common sense in many instances. Participants do not think about how their behavior is being viewed or interpreted by community members who see individuals with potentially dangerous weapons, often chasing others on foot or in vehicles, and surprising their “targets” in convenience stores. Non-participants can feel frightened or threatened as only participants are aware at the time that the behavior is not real but rather a game being played.

Unfortunately, our students and your children are engaging in behavior that has possible dire consequences. We want you as parents, students, and participants to be aware of the pitfalls, dangers, and consequences of taking part in the game.
Some examples of dangerous behavior among participants include: painting or disguising weapons to make them look more realistic; reaching for concealed weapons in public places; lying in wait behind bushes, trash cans, vehicles or fences; accessing or hiding on the property of another, often late at night; waiting for a target while dressed in all black or camouflaged clothing; reckless driving to avoid being targeted; car loads of teens driving around “stalking” or “hunting” their targets; jumping out of moving vehicles to attack or flee from other participants; and conducting a “drive by” shooting of a target in a parking lot or public street.

When viewed through a non-participant’s eyes, the behaviors look and have all the elements of an actual threatening or violent event unfolding. They often prompt multiple calls to the police who respond to what they believe is a violent incident in progress. Not only does this consume significant time and resources of emergency personnel, it also jeopardizes the safety of our community when actual threats cannot be responded to in a timely manner. Furthermore, in the eyes of a startled homeowner protecting his or her family or property, a violent response to a player is quite possible.

The Pleasanton Police Department and the Pleasanton Unified School District urge students to consider the potential ramifications of their behavior and to avoid playing this game. Students will face suspension if any weapons, even imitation guns, are brought to school. If evidence is discovered of the game being played on campus, students will face disciplinary action. To the parents of participants and high school-aged children: please have a serious and candid conversation with your children about the very real dangers of this behavior. To participants: please recognize that the only people who know this is a game are those directly involved; others who see your behavior likely believe a real threatening situation is unfolding. To juniors and underclassmen, consider the dangers and problems with this game and do not participate when you become a senior.

Thank you all for your contributions to making Pleasanton a secure and pleasant place to live, work, and attend school. Please take the appropriate steps so that we all can prevent a tragedy and students can enjoy a safe and enjoyable final year of high school.

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Three Arrested for Residential Burglary

On January 18, 2018, at about 10:05 a.m., a resident on Riesling Drive called the Pleasanton Police Department to report a suspicious vehicle with the engine running. The resident also reported he saw a female subject knock on the door to one residence and watch as two male subjects entered into the backyard of the next door neighbor. The resident also provided the Pleasanton Police Department with the suspects’ description.

Pleasanton officers arrived on scene within minutes of the initial phone call. Officers were able to detain one male suspect running from the house as he entered a vehicle reported stolen from San Jose. The female who was seen knocking on the door earlier was located in the stolen vehicle. The other male suspect was later located hiding in a backyard on Concord Street. Vintage Hills School was placed on a lockdown for an hour while officers searched for the outstanding suspect. All three suspects are juveniles from San Jose.

This is another example where an alert Pleasanton resident recognized suspicious behavior and quickly called 9-1-1. Much of the police department’s success can be attributed to the unique partnership with the Pleasanton community. The Pleasanton Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind Pleasanton residents to report suspicious circumstances to the police.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call the Pleasanton Police Department at (925) 931-5100. Please reference case #18-02354.

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Pleasanton Police Department1 day ago

UPDATE: Scott Hagan arrested. Officers have been actively seeking Hagan to serve a warrant and arrest him for evading police and resisting arrest.

Today at 11:55 am, officers located Hagan in the 4000 block of Old Stanley Blvd. He complied with officers commands and was safely placed under arrest. Hagan was booked at Santa Rita Jail.

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Pleasanton Police Department3 days ago

Evading an Officer

On January 16, 2018 at 12:49 pm, a Pleasanton Police Officer observed a white Chevy Silverado truck driving erratically on First Street. The male driver, later identified as 55 year old Scott Hagan, was speeding and making unsafe turning movements.
The officer activated his emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop. Hagan exited the truck and advanced toward the officer in a threatening manner. After yelling threats at the officer, Hagan ran back into his truck and fled at a high rate of speed.

Another officer initiated a short vehicle pursuit which ended abruptly when Hagan drove to his former unoccupied residence, on Old Stanley Boulevard, and ran inside the basement. Officers attempted to communicate with Hagan who yelled at officers and refused to comply with orders to exit the basement.

After exhausting all attempts to communicate with Hagan, and believing he may be in crisis, Officers did not make entry and have sought a warrant for his arrest.

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Attempted Murder

On January 15, 2018 at 6:44 am, Pleasanton Police officers were dispatched to the parking lot of Stanford Valley Care Hospital for the report of a male subject punching a female. Several officers responded to the area. As officers were responding, the suspect, later identified as Brian Bertoli (Livermore), fled the area toward Old Santa Rita Road. Officers arrived and began searching the area.

A short time later, one officer located Bertoli in front of 3657 Old Santa Rita Road. Bertoli was highly agitated, covered in blood and refused to comply with the officer’s commands. As officers moved in to detain Bertoli, he began struggling. A Taser was deployed and Bertoli was taken into custody without further incident.

Officers located the victim, Bertoli’s mother, at Stanford Valley Care Hospital as she was being treated for major head injuries including a large laceration over her left eye that appeared to have been caused by a sharp weapon. She also had lacerations to her hands and severe swelling to her eyes and nose. The victim was transported to Eden Hospital due to the possible head trauma.

Bertoli was arrested for multiple charges including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, assault with intent to commit mayhem, and resisting arrest.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call the Pleasanton Police Department at (925) 931-5100.

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Pleasanton Police Department1 week ago

We understand there may be some confusion and concerns regarding the continued change in laws related to marijuana. Although California voters have legalized the non-medical use of marijuana for those at least 21 years old, this is a reminder that smoking marijuana while driving a vehicle is AGAINST THE LAW and you could be arrested for DUI. Not worth it.

Driving under the influence of marijuana remains an arrestable offense and is a serious safety concern. Similar to alcohol, marijuana cannot be smoked or ingested while driving or riding as a passenger in a vehicle. Marijuana products must remain in sealed containers while being transported in vehicles.

It remains our goal to keep citizens informed and to maintain the highest level of safety in our community. Specific information regarding the City of Pleasanton’s marijuana regulations can be found in Chapter 6.18 of the Pleasanton Municipal Code available online at CityofPleasantonca.gov.

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Just a head’s up. Starting tomorrow the City of Pleasanton will begin replacing the water main on Main Street so expect delays. It would be best to consider an alternative route. If not, at least avoid driving into the giant holes in the roadway. We also don’t get enough opportunities to use those big flashy signs so this is kind of ideal. #BetterTogether #PleasantonCA #cityofpleasanton