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Rancho Cordova California Police Station Address: 2897 Kilgore Rd, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, United States

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Do you want an insider’s look at RCPD’s Patrol Division? Tune in to our Twitter page for a Tweet-a-Long event on 4/27 at 2 PM! https://t.co/0qZ4wRTD4d

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Tonight @CityofRCordova hosted its fourth annual @StBaldricks Foundation signature head-shaving event. RCPD Sergeant Saunders and Officer Wright got “buzzed” to support kids with cancer! https://t.co/CXREPGN0eg

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Today our Citizen’s Academy learned about our Air Operations Bureau and K-9 teams. After the presentations, the class presented the K-9 team with a plaque they made in memory of K-9 Nikk. Thank you for your service to our community, Nikk! You will be missed. @sacsheriff https://t.co/owpTh7wXdw

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Emergency: 911 or 916-362-5111
Non-Emergency (need officer response): 916-362-5115, press 1
View the Community Policing Resource Directory for further resources at http://www.ranchocordovapd.com/neighborhoodwatch.php

The Rancho Cordova Police Department is working to make the City of Rancho Cordova a safe place to live and work by forming partnerships with its citizens and businesses.

To us, providing Police services is a lot more than just writing a crime report after a crime has occurred; it means working with the community to prevent crime and to solve community problems. I invite you to become our partners in making your neighborhood a better place to live as our community grows.

Get involved by:
•Participating in a Neighborhood Watch group or neighborhood improvement committee
•Volunteering at a neighborhood school or youth organization
•Staying informed and getting involved in community issues that matter to you
•Being an observant, caring and considerate neighbor
•Volunteering with the Police Department
•Becoming active in other service organizations
•The Rancho Cordova Police Department would like to reconnect with Neighborhood Watch Groups.

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RCPD recently saw this sign in front of Folsom Lake RV Center in Rancho Cordova. Assistant Chief of Police Chad Lewis and Lieutenant Jeff Schelldorf stopped by the business to meet the staff and see the sign firsthand. The business has served our community for 35 years and told us they decided to put up the sign in response to RCPD’s role in Rancho Cordova and keeping their business safe. “Our community is a lot safer because of the Rancho Cordova Police Department,” said General Manager Angel Valenzuela. “We don’t have a safe Rancho Cordova without these officers.” Thank you for your support, Folsom Lake RV Center!

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On April 15, 2018, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and Rancho Cordova Police Department requested assistance in identifying a robbery suspect. Due to several tips received from the community, we can announce the suspect has been identified and was arrested by Robbery Detectives on April 17, 2018. Due to the suspect’s age (17), his identity is being withheld. We want to thank our community for submitting tips that led to this arrest!

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ROBBERY DETECTIVES SEEK PUBLIC’S ASSISTANCE: On March 16, 2018 at approximately 3:30 p.m., the two suspects in the attached photo approached a male at the light rail station near Folsom Boulevard & Olson Drive within the City of Rancho Cordova. One of the suspects (Suspect 1), depicted in the photos as wearing a red sweatshirt with a “Jordan” logo, brandished a handgun at the victim and demanded his money.

The second suspect (Suspect 2), pictured wearing a maroon Aeropostale sweatshirt, and Suspect 1 fled from the area on foot after taking the victim’s money.

Detectives are asking anyone with information relating to this incident, to please contact the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department at (916) 874-5115 or Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at (916) 443-HELP. Tip information may also be left anonymously at www.sacsheriff.com or by calling (916) 874-TIPS (8477).

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Congratulations graduates! RCPD’s spring 2018 Citizen’s Academy has come to a close, and twenty-five residents and business professionals graduated. Hear from four graduates about why they participated and their favorite moments from the seven-week course. Our next academy will take place Wednesday nights from July 18-August 29, 2018. Limited spots are available so apply now at www.ranchocordovapd.com!

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RCPD congratulates Motor Officer Brian Aubuchon on his retirement! Officer Aubuchon always had an interest in a career in law enforcement. Yet, he felt such a law enforcement career was somehow unattainable. Now 23 years later, he has retired from a career in law enforcement. Officer Aubuchon joined RCPD in 2005 as one of the first motor officers hired. He was instrumental in creating an in-house training program that teaches RCPD officers to investigate traffic collisions and respond to DUIs. Read his story and sign up for RCPD’s e-newsletter at https://conta.cc/2Ij2y6Y.

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Earlier this year, Rancho Cordova Police Department Detectives conducted an investigation of a suspect who used a fraudulently obtained credit card to make online purchases. Detectives identified a suspect who had purchased a $3,000 canoe from a local business with a fraudulent credit card. During the course of this investigation, detectives responded to the suspect’s home to conduct a probation search.

Detectives located another suspected stolen canoe along with several unopened parcels. The packages had been shipped to the house and were addressed to names other than the suspects. While recovering stolen property in front of the house, FedEx delivered more suspected stolen parcels addressed to a name other than the suspect.

As this investigation progressed, Detectives determined one of the canoes had been stolen from a business in North Carolina with a fraudulent credit card which was obtained in the name of a victim who lived in Portland, Oregon. The detective working the case also determined the unopened parcels were car windshields, which had been purchased from a business in Orange County, and the fraudulent credit card was obtained in the name of a victim who was a resident of Hawaii. The stolen items were recovered, and the suspect was booked for multiple counts of identity theft and possession of stolen property.

Identity theft cases are extremely complex and extraordinarily time-consuming for investigators. While investigating these cases, it is not uncommon to uncover new crimes and new victims at every turn. We encourage all of our residents to safeguard their personal information. Some precautions we suggest are to invest in a shredder, use extreme caution when making purchases online, and keep all of your computer virus software up to date.