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Vacaville California Police Station Address: 660 Merchant St, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States

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@BradBergeron82 @FoxNews Those booties would be perfect in that environment. #vacapd

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@BradBergeron82 @FoxNews Sorry you felt that way Brad but can assure you that K9 Roscoe is not in any pain or being tortured. These protective booties are only worn when needed for protection. #vacapd

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@katwester @jbrosenbaum So sorry that happened to you Katherine. Things have changed quite a bit since then and much work is done to socialize the K9’s. Home visits are also done before the dog is ever selected. If aggressive behavior is displayed they are not selected. #vacapd

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@katwester @jbrosenbaum We appreciate you sharing your opinion Katherine. #vacapd

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@katwester Multiple Police K9’s attacked children Katherine? No one would want that and we’d be interested to hear where you’re getting your statistics from? #vacapd

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UPDATE: At 3:25 am this morning, a motorcyclist was traveling northbound on Markham Avenue and struck a parked car. We are saddened to report that the driver, Jose Anaya (22 years old, Vacaville resident), unfortunately succumbed to his injuries sustained during the collision and was pronounced deceased at the scene. Please keep Mr. Anaya’s family in your thoughts today.

A 24-year old woman who was riding as a passenger on the motorcycle was transported to the hospital for her injuries and is currently listed in stable condition.

All roadways have been reopened at this time. This collision remains under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact Traffic Officer Drew Talton at 707-449-5282.


We are currently working a serious traffic collision on Markham Avenue at Rocky Hill Road. Markham is closed southbound at Wesley and northbound at Vineyard Valley. Rocky Hill is closed at Markham. These closures will be in effect for the next several hours.

We advise commuters to take Brown street to avoid the closures. We will update you when more details and time estimates become available.

Vacaville Police Department

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We are consistently amazed by our community members and Facebook followers. The amount of people who shared our original post about the back to back robberies in Vacaville is remarkable. With that being said, we are thankful to report within 48 hours of posting the suspect photos to Facebook, all three were identified. Our Detectives worked tirelessly to ensure your tips and leads were all followed up on and these suspects were taken into custody safely.

Javier Sorto-Chicas (20 year old from Richmond, CA) was identified as suspect #1, Manuel Zelaya-Nunez (20 year old from Fairfield, CA) was identified as suspect #2 and Osmar Zelaya-Nunez (21 year old from Fairfield, CA) was identified as suspect #3. All three suspects were eventually booked into Solano County Jail for their involvement in the robberies.

This is yet another great example of why Vacaville is such a great community to live in. Our followers went above and beyond to assist in this investigation and we are always thankful for your effort and support.

Vacaville Police Department

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***UPDATE*** All three suspects have been identified and arrested (see our latest post for details).

Facebook followers we once again need your help! Please look closely at these three individuals. These brazen suspects were involved in two robberies at the same store, in the 1100 block of East Monte Vista. These robberies were only four days apart. During one of the robberies suspect #1 used a gun to force the clerk to give him cash. Our hope is to get these young men identified before they strike again. Public safety is our number one priority. If you come across any of these individuals please call the Vacaville Police Department immediately by dialing 911 or (707) 449-5200. If you have any information which could help us identify any of these people shown in the photos please contact Detective Smith at (707) 469-4826.

Vacaville Police Department

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For a few white-knuckled moments Friday night, Browns Valley Parkway was reminiscent of a demolition derby from a county fair.

A black Dodge Durango collided with a fellow motorists, but rather than pulling over to exchange information, the Durango kept on truckin. Quite hastily, it plowed over the raised concrete center median, blowing out two of its tires. The sound of aluminum grinding into the asphalt and the sight of tire shrapnel flying through the air, all but made an attempt to disappear into a nearby neighborhood nearly impossible.

It took only moments for passing motorists and neighbors to begin calling into Dispatch. The callers’ play by play updates led officers right to the fleeing vehicle and to the arrest of the intoxicated driver, 27 year old Braulio Garcia of Vacaville. Thankfully no one was injured during this reckless and dangerous situation.

We want to be sure to extend a huge thank you to Everyone that called into Dispatch regarding this incident. Your willingness to get involved and provide detailed information surely prevented this situation from becoming much worse. Thank you for all of your help!

Vacaville Police Department

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Update: All roadways are open again.

Willow Road, north of Walnut Road is currently closed due to a traffic collision. Please stay clear of the area.

Vacaville Police Department

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January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. If you think human trafficking couldn’t possibly happen in our community, you would be very wrong. The California Department of Justice describes human trafficking as “the world’s fastest growing criminal enterprise and is an estimated $32 billion-a-year global industry.” The Vacaville Police Department is proud to be the co-sponsor of an upcoming Human Trafficking Awareness Training. This FREE program is being offered on Wednesday, January 17th at 6pm and will be held at Vacaville High School. The training is for all youth ages 12 and up and their parents. You will hear from an actual trafficking survivor as well as participate in a youth breakout session. All youth must be accompanied by an adult and you do need to register at fosterluv.com. Food will be provided. For more information you can also contact Tyffany Wanberg at (707) 689-8866.