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Fort Collins Colorado Police Station Address: 2221 S Timberline Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525, United States

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We rehash this every year, but it’s important. To be blunt, if you’re ganja celebrate #420day, weed don’t want to see you driving. You could wreck or break a joint. Toke our advice & doobie responsible if you’re going to consume. Need a reeferesher on Fort Collins MJ laws? ⬇️ https://t.co/N3a7fYNoUa

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Our thoughts are with all of those who were effected by this tragic day. https://t.co/nzIzQunyIp

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Thank you @CheyennePolice for sharing your weather with us today. You can have it back now 🌬💨. #WindStorm2018 #IWasThere #COwx

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Our new recruits are in Police Academy, but they’re already working to serve the community. They’re holding a food drive to benefit the @FCRescueMission & will prepare a meal there next month. If you want to donate non-perishables, drop them off in the FCPS lobby through May 4! https://t.co/mttl80WThY

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Fort Collins Police Services

This page is used to connect with our community and share important information. If you have an emergency, please call 911. This site is not used to report crimes. All comments may be moderated or deleted at the discretion of the Fort Collins Police Services. You can view more info on Fort Collins Police Services at www.fcgov.com/police/.


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Before posting on this page, please review these terms: A posting on this page constitutes acceptance of these terms. Do not use this page to report a crime. To report a crime dial 9-1-1. If you post information related to a crime on this page, you may be placing yourself in the position of becoming a witness to a crime and subject yourself to subpoena. Comments posted by others on the FCPS Facebook page(s) are not to be considered the opinion of FCPS; nor does FCPS endorse any third-party comments on this page. FCPS reserves the right to remove and/or block anyone who posts inappropriate material as determined by FCPS.

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Have you seen the post circulating about sex trafficking recruitment in stores like Target & Walmart? While it’s entirely possible that the original poster was approached by shady people, we have no indication that it was related to human trafficking. A version of this story has been floating around on the Internet for years, and the rumor seems to have resurfaced in our area.

We have several officers who focus on human trafficking, which includes monitoring trends and conducting enforcement operations. While human trafficking certainly does occur in our region, criminals are more likely to target vulnerable populations (i.e. runaways, victims in domestic violence relationships, people with substance addictions) for “recruitment” rather than randomly approaching people in stores.

That being said, if you’re in a store and you see someone acting strangely, you can notify an employee or loss prevention. You can also call us any time you see something suspicious. Reporting unusual or suspicious behavior helps us identify trends and stop criminals, so don’t hesitate to call.

It’s fantastic that people want to share public safety info, and the original post is spreading like wildfire. Please share this one as well so people can have accurate info!

For more details about human trafficking prevention efforts and resources in Larimer County, visit http://larimerantitrafficking.com.

Fort Collins Police Services

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We know, we rehash this every year, but it’s important… To put it bluntly, if you’re ganja celebrate 4/20, weed don’t want to see you behind the wheel. Toke our advice on this one, guys. You could wreck, break a joint, or worse. Doobie responsible if you’re going to consume. If you need a reeferesher on MJ laws here in Fort Collins, here you go!

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Check out these helpful reminders from our partners at PFA. If you see emergency vehicles, please move to the right to let them pass! If you ever wonder about police activity, you can also check out our interactive crime map online at https://www.fcgov.com/police/city-crime-map.php

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Being a police officer in Fort Collins extends beyond enforcement. Engagement is one of our core values and a big part of our agency’s culture. Our newest recruits are currently in Police Academy, and they’re already looking for ways to connect with this community.

As part of a team project, they’re holding a food drive to benefit the Fort Collins Rescue Mission and will prepare a meal at the Mission early next month. They’re accepting non-perishable food items through May 4. If you’d like to donate, you can stop by the PD (2221 S. Timberline Rd) to drop off items. Thanks, Fort Collins!

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As National Crime Victims Rights Week comes to and end, we’d like to honor all who have walked this difficult path. We will always be here to walk alongside you and seek justice for victims in our community!

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We love the opportunity to connect with young members of our community. Thanks to our new small friends for the chance to hang out and talk about what we do here in Fort Collins!