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Fort Myers Florida Police Station Address: 2210 Widman Way, Fort Myers, FL 33901, United States

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On Friday January 5, 2018 the Fort Myers Police Department held swearing
in ceremonies for five new members of the force. FMPD welcomed Officers Ryan Beiner, Brain Pledger, Andrew Kaiser, Austin Pallissard, and James Moschella atCity Hall Council Chambers. https://t.co/d5tYe3NZz7

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Emergency training exercise on Fowler St. in Ft. Myers from MLK, Jr. Blvd. to Edison Ave.-Thurs, 1/11/18 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Morning commuters advised to use alternate routes. Will involve first responders from Ft. Myers, Lee & surrounding counties. THIS IS ONLY A TRAINING EXERCISE.

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Nice shot of Officer Hawkins and his K9 partner Janko participating in Florida GulfCoast Police K9 Competition. https://t.co/h7h3FhU9bC

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2 weeks ago
FMPD launched a new redesigned and streamlined website at https://t.co/rMR0XDo1z9. Featuring new photography, user friendly
navigation, confidential tip software, enhanced social media channels, viewing neighborhood crime maps, registering a security camera system and more. https://t.co/Ndn2A6tlGR

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FMPD’s officers of the month awards presented on 12/21/17 by Deputy Chief Pepitone. Officer of the Month was shared by Sergeant Schindler & Officer Moye; Mission BBQ Officer of the month shared by Officer Vega & Officer Barnett; Chief’s Coin Award presented to Officer Gaide. https://t.co/O3IZkXZEkX

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An emergency training exercise will take place along Fowler Street from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to Edison Avenue on Thursday, January 11, 2018, from approximately 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. S.W.A.T. teams and emergency vehicles will respond to this area, volunteers will portray victims and traffic will be halted at times as teams are escorted across Fowler Street. The former back parking lot of the News-Press will be used as a staging area with the training grounds located across Fowler Street at Alicia Street. Morning commuters are advised to use alternate routes to avoid delays.
The exercise will involve a number of first responders including law enforcement, fire, EMS, chemical response teams, bomb squads and others from Fort Myers, Lee County and surrounding counties.

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Fort Myers Police Department2 weeks ago

Citizens seeking to contact or learn more about the Fort Myers Police Department can now reach a new redesigned and streamlined website at www.fmpolice.com. The new site, under the supervision of Lt. William Musante, features all new photography, a simpler, user friendly navigation design, confidential tip software for reporting crimes or suspicious activity, enhanced social media channels and other improvements. “We strived to make sure the menus were easy to read and understand,” said Lt. Musante. “The department wants this website to not only be a useful tool for law enforcement, but also a communications portal for the public when they need assistance, are seeking information or even want to seek a position with the FMPD,” he added.
The public is encouraged to visit the new site and familiarize themselves with its new features and services. “If citizens navigate to the How Do I pull down they will see several links for functions such as: sending a tip, viewing a neighborhood crime map, registering a security camera system, receiving a crash report, filing a commendation and more,” Musante concluded.
The new site is still undergoing some tests and adding additional applications but it is fully functioning and ready to serve the public.

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Awards for Fort Myers Police Department’s officers of the month were presented on December 21st by Deputy Chief Randall Pepitone. Officer of the Month was shared by Sergeant Ashley Schindler and Officer Joseph Moye; Mission BBQ Officer of the month was shared by Officer Robert Vega and Officer Chad Barnett; Chief’s Coin Award was presented to Officer David Gaide.
Congratulations and thank you for your service!

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Fort Myers Police Department3 weeks ago

Fort Myers Police Department presented PACE Center for Girls, Lee County with an early Christmas gift in the form of a $13,000 check. Chief Diggs, in front of a conference room filled with PACE students and staff, handed over an enlarged check to PACE Executive Director Meg M. Geltner as title sponsor payment for PACE’s “Tides of Change” fundraiser.