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Pensacola Florida Police Station Address: 711 N Hayne St, Pensacola, FL 32501, United States

Pensacola Police Department

The Pensacola Police Department has 158 sworn officers who patrol and investigate crimes within the approximate 41 square miles of the City of Pensacola.
Pensacola Police Department

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Two snowfalls in the same winter? Maybe. We’re getting to be old pros at this snow stuff. Pretty soon, we’ll actually be able to get our money’s worth out of those Carhartt jackets and L.L.Bean boots that have been in the closet for the last twelve years or so.

Schools are closed tomorrow, as are City of Pensacola offices and some businesses. This is fine with us – it just means that many less cars that can end up in a ditch. If you must venture out, watch out for ice and those folks that are not watching out for ice. If the snowdrifts trap you in the house, give us a call. Otherwise, make tiny snowmen, drink hot chocolate, and enjoy this video of us in our snowsuit trying to keep 9th Avenue clear. #pensacolasfinest #snowday #inga2018 #peoplepetspipesplants

Pensacola Police Department


Just your friendly neighborhood t-rex
Pensacola Police Department

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If we call ’em out when they hit it, we should do the same when they don’t. This truck driver, who is not from here, caught himself a block too late to turn off. So, with our help, and your patience, he was able to get turned around. The gravel lot gave him some problems, but that’s still better than peeling back the top of a 53′ trailer. And it’s kinda a cool pic. #pensacolasfinest #nottodaytrestle #teneightsince1888

Pensacola Police Department

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Did you know that pelicans do what is called “agonistic behavior”? This means that they engage in “threats, displays, retreats, placation, and conciliation.” So while the bird was being all agonistic and whatnot, Officer Greg Gomez was just trying not to lose a finger. This pelican was maybe clipped by a car today on the Bayou Texar bridge over 12th Avenue. Officer Gomez had to wrangle the pterodactyl before he could be driven to the kind-hearted folks at the Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida, Inc. The ill-tempered bird was none too happy about this, and truth be told, neither was Gomez. He was finally able to pull off the ole disappearing pelican trick and get him boxed up and on the road to recovery. Gomez will be fine too. #pensacolasfinest #beapelicannotapelicant #thankyouwikipedia

Pensacola Police Department

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Our pals at the Bangor Maine Police Department have offered up some not so helpful hints to get us through this mini ice age. Not so sure they understand our struggle, or flip flops.
#pensacolasfinest #snowthanks #sendicescrapers #whatsanicescraper

Pensacola Police Department

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What a year. Pensacola is better. We’re better. You’re better. Crime is at its lowest in decades. Traffic crashes are down. We’re not even trying to take all of the credit for this. It is largely because of you. Increased cooperation, better communication, and a police department that knows they’re appreciated. Thank you. Let’s keep it up in 2018. #upsideofflorida #pensacolasfinest

Pensacola Police Department

Pensacola Police Department2 weeks ago

We are transitioning from “You’ll shoot your eye out” to “You’ll blow your hand off.” We understand that the fireworks sold here in Florida are not quite as, let’s say “impressive”, as those fireworks sold just across the state line. But per capita, Florida has a higher rate of ten-fingered residents. So there’s that. The rule of thumb (!) here is that any fireworks that shoot or propel something are largely illegal. It is Florida Statute 791 if you need help sleeping. If you do happen to set off these types of Alabama fireworks near or in the presence of our officers, well, you’ve kind of backed us into a corner. We’re going to take them, maybe cite you, and certainly tell the crew back at the station about the guy that did not see the big Oreo-looking police car sitting right there. And no, we can’t give them back. Help us help you.

If you would rather drive downtown instead of to Alabama, a professional fireworks show is set for 8pm at the Pensacola Blue Wahoos Stadium. Yet another pro show will ring in the New Year on South Palafox at midnight. It’s very similar to Times Square except you don’t have to go to Atlanta first and you can’t stand in the street. Come on down, we’ll be there. You can visit the truck stop in Loxley another time. #upsideofflorida #pensacolasfinest #nye2018 #heyyallwatchthis