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Brookhaven Georgia Police Station Address: 2665 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, USA

2 months ago
UPDATE: Harts Mill Rd/Ashford Dunwoody Rd is now open.

Brookhaven, GA Police Department

It is a cardinal principal of democratic societies that the ultimate responsibility for peace, good order and law observance rests with the citizens of that society, not with an organized police force.

In this respect, the Brookhaven Police Department benefits from serving a community which is vitally interested in assuring a high level of safety, security and public order, and able to assume the responsibility for policing itself. Therefore, the fundamental mission of the Brookhaven Police Department is to provide the leadership and professional support required to sustain and improve the community’s efforts to police itself, and to develop a balance and cooperative police-community campaign against deviant behavior.

Since the control of crime and other disorders are to be a joint effort between the police and the citizens of Brookhaven, the cornerstone of this effort must be cordial, respectful and trusting relations between the police and the community. Every effort will be made, and no opportunity overlooked, to strengthen this police-community bond. Every action by the Police Department or by any of its members will be judged for its effects upon this relationship. The Police Department will endeavor to ensure that all citizens of The City of Brookhaven view our organization as an integral part of the community and not as an entity outside or estranged from it.

A citizens’ image of our agency is largely influenced, if not wholly determined, by the members they encounter. If individual members are competent, polite, and caring, our department will be respected and a high level of team-community accord and trust will develop, typical of true community policing.

For these reasons, the Brookhaven Police Department reaffirms its view that one of the basic, continuing responsibilities of every officer and civilian member is to strengthen the affinity between the citizens of Brookhaven and their police service. Our community policing concept provides an unparalleled opportunity to discharge this responsibility allowing us to develop innovative, long term approaches to accomplish our mission. We will focus our efforts towards identifying and responding to general problems, rather than just fielding fragmented police responses to individual incidents and calls for police series in Brookhaven.


One of our basic tasks is the identification and apprehension of criminals and the acquisition of evidence for trial purposes.

Our ability to solve offenses through more citizen input must be improved. The Brookhaven Police Department must become even more responsible, to provide an organization that is receptive to citizen information and capable of making the best use of that information to solve offenses and make apprehensions.

This free flow of information requires the existence of a rational environment between our members and citizens which encourages the exchange of information. Our community-based policy of policing is the first major step in establishing this necessary relationship. Close community ties will foster trust and confidence in the police, allowing us to solicit information generally unavailable to police departments.

Once information is received, the department must ensure that maximum use is made of it. This requires a prudent intelligence network and systematic use of our crime analysis capability. Careful case management and prosecutor liaison must be employed to ensure cases are fully investigated and evidentially sound.

The constant development of these capabilities is one of the long-term goals of the Brookhaven Police Department as part of our approach to improving apprehension rates and case clearance.


The mobility of the Police Department and its constant presence in the community often makes it the only emergency service able to provide instant emergency assistance aid. This includes immediate aid at a variety of physical traumas such as traffic accidents, personal injuries and acute illnesses. It also includes interventions into domestic crisis, neighborhood disputes, abuse or neglect of relatives and death investigations.

Early identification of potential crisis and successful resolution of social conflicts is a primary objective. Continued coordination between our agency and social service agencies must also be maintained.

The continued presence of interpersonal trauma in the community reflects a wide range of human problems. The Brookhaven Police Department cannot hope to eliminate these problems, but should attempt to mitigate their more harmful effects, not only because they are inherently undesirable, but also because they often lead to crime severely affecting the quality of life for all Brookhaven citizens.


The Brookhaven Police Department is committed to a program of increased involvement of members in the management of the agency.

Our members are the root source of our quality and productivity. By obtaining the maximum value from the individual talents of personnel, we will be able to increase our current police practices to the best level known, achieve optimum performance without a proportionate increase in costs, and finally allocate resources to activities which give the highest return for the dollars spent.

The Department will stress rules, policies and procedures and obedience thereto. Employee conduct is based upon threat, external control and enforcement of rules. The Departments emphasis will change to stress individual decision making based upon training, self-control and individual responsibility.

Discipline is not to be viewed as a distinct aspect of management, but rather as part of the administrative process, which as a whole, attempts to maximize performance and minimize the probability of undesirable behavior. Supervisors are encouraged to catch members doing things right and reserve negative discipline only for the more serious violations.


A major task entrusted to our agency is the protection of motorists and pedestrians on public streets, pathways and highways. Traffic accidents are responsible for the greatest loss to the City in property and lives, and together with traffic enforcement activities will account for a large part of our expenditures.

Our efforts to reduce accidents and increase traffic safety will continue. Much of this effort will be through enhanced public awareness and education, but selective enforcement based upon accident data and neighborhood complaints will play a major role.


Our transition to a service orientated community system of policing requires new roles for members, opening avenues for a wider variety of work which should increase job satisfaction. These expanded functions require careful and continuing attention to training needs, particularly in the areas of zone management, intelligence, conflict resolution and community development to correspond with the roles of members. Regularly scheduled training sessions should emphasize appropriate subjects. In addition, special training should be provided as required.

It is important that voluntary personnel attrition be kept to an absolute minimum. The basic strength of the Brookhaven Police Department should lie in a relatively young but intensively trained and seasoned field personnel. A high turnover rate means that a large portion of the department at any moment in time would consist of novice officers, in effect decreasing the operational effectiveness of the department.

The Brookhaven Police Department will seek innovative ways of giving members greater opportunities to utilize their abilities and meeting their needs for personal growth and job satisfaction.


1. The Brookhaven Police Department is an integral part of the community. In a traditional sense, it places a sound emphasis on basic policing. Within the context of helping people, the Department emphasizes social concerns, as well as community relations.

2. The Brookhaven Police Department serves the needs of the public, always acting as professionals, and in a manner acceptable to the public.

3. The Brookhaven Police Department is committed to proactive law enforcement, using planning and foresight to anticipate problems and solve them.

4. The Brookhaven Police Department is committed to high ethical standards. Each member is responsible for maintaining the good reputation of the Department.

5. The Brookhaven Police Department’s management is the result of direct input by each member. Members are expected to provide suggestions for change and programs, and to serve on management committees and task forces.

6. The Brookhaven Police Department is committed to exploring new methods of reaching goals, recognizing that change is desirable and that risks which accompany change are acceptable.

Gary Yandura,
Chief of Police

Brookhaven, GA Police Department

Brookhaven, GA Police Department5 days ago

Keeping with tradition Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub will have bag pipers marching around the square at Town Blvd at 2:45 to kick off the festivities.

Brookhaven, GA Police Department

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Congratulations to Officers Moore, Ciucci, Shears, Hopkins, Willis, and Wilcox for successfully graduating from the police academy earlier today! They graduated from the North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy where Officer Moore served as class president for Class 310. She delivered a powerful message today to her class that they will carry with them throughout their career.

Brookhaven, GA Police Department

Brookhaven, GA Police Department6 days ago

Brookhaven Police is proud to present two of our Citizens on Patrol volunteers, Paul O’Connor and John Butkovich.

They started patrolling our city earlier this morning to assist on duty officers.

Don’t forget to say hello if you see them in your neighborhoods.


Brookhaven, GA Police Department

Brookhaven, GA Police Department1 week ago

**UPDATE** – The Roadway has been re-opened.


ROAD CLOSED: Ashwoody Tr. and Oak Forest Dr. are blocked by a tree down on live wires. Access into the neighborhood from Ashford Dunwoody Rd. is currently blocked by BPD while Georgia Power and Brookhaven Public Works remove the tree and restore power. Residents can still access their neighborhood via West Nancy Creek to Candler Lake West to Ashwoody Ct; or Oconee Pass to Shawnee Ln. to Ashwoody Ct. Please use caution while detouring through these residential areas. (DTS)

Brookhaven, GA Police Department

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Brookhaven Barry and Officer Nino speaking to kids about Stranger Danger.