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On February 8th, 2017, two board members from the DeKalb School District reported that they received inappropriate text messages and photographs from an unknown person. One of the photographs depicted a female engaged in a sexual act.

The board members stated that the text messages and photographs came from a phone number that they did not recognize. The board members identified the female depicted in the photographs as an employee of the school district. That employee was interviewed by investigators and it was learned that she had previously given Doug Moeller copies of the
photographs that were sent to the board members.

Detectives investigated the phone number that was used to send the text messages and photographs to the board members. It was learned that the phone was purchased in South
Elgin by a former student of Moeller’s. Investigators interviewed the person who purchased the phone, at which time they were told that Moeller asked this person to purchase the phone to make sure there was no name attached to such phone. Moeller picked up the former student and gave him money to purchase the phone. The former student gave Moeller the phone that was used to send the text messages and photographs to the DeKalb School Board members.

During this investigation, Investigators interviewed numerous individuals, obtained search warrants for phone records and phone calls, while working with the DeKalb County State’s
Attorney’s Office. On April 12, 2018, an arrest warrant was issued for Douglas Moeller for Non-consensual Dissemination of Private Sexual Images. Bond was set at $10,000 dollars, 10% to apply. On April 13, 2018, DeKalb Police Investigators and Elgin Police Officers arrested Douglas Moeller at his residence in Elgin without incident.

ARRESTED: Douglas J. Moeller, 60 years old, Elgin, IL
CHARGES: Non-consensual Dissemination of Private Sexual Images, Class 4 Felony

The contents of this press release are based upon the best information available to the DeKalb Police Department. The statements regarding the conduct of any person identified above are allegations until affirmatively proven in court. All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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Last night the City Council declared the week of April 8-14, 2018, to be National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week in DeKalb in honor of the men and women whose diligence and professionalism keep our City and citizens safe. Thanks for all you do! Happy Telecommunicator Week!

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If you’re texting, you’re not driving! #DropItAndDrive #justdrive

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and the DeKalb Police Department is partnering with the Illinois Department of Transportation to remind motorists that if they drive with a phone in one hand, they can expect a ticket in the other.

With traffic fatalities on the rise in Illinois and across the country, the DeKalb Police Department is committed to reducing easily preventable crashes caused by distractions such as texting or talking on a cellphone.

Texting while driving distracts the driver visually, manually and cognitively, putting everyone on the road at risk. Sending or receiving a text takes a driver’s eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, the equivalent of driving blind at 55 mph for the length of an entire football field.

Motorists can expect to see increased patrols and enforcement zones across Illinois as part of the April 16-30 distracted driving enforcement. The DeKalb Police Department will be ticketing drivers who text or use their cellphones while driving.

Not giving driving your full attention can have deadly consequences. Don’t let one text or call wreck it all: Drop It and Drive!

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Support one of our Finest and help provide for the future care of his young children, as his family experiences the challenges of Stage IV colon cancer. All net proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go directly to the Woodruff Family Childrens’ Trust, a trust established to provide for the future needs of Oliver Woodruff (3) and Simon Woodruff (1). Also, please check out our website for details on the upcoming June 23, 2018 live event and concert in DeKalb, Illinois!

Join us for dinner in DeKalb at one of our local restaurants that has committed to supporting the event, and then come to the historic and beautiful Egyptian Theater for a fantastic concert with Luxury Pork, a band covering rock, country and soul. There will be light appetizers and a cash bar from well-known local establishment Fatty’s at the theatre, as well as opportunities to participate in raffles and to purchase t-shirts, wristbands and other merchandise! Doors open at 6:30; show starts at 7:30.

After the concert, come over to Fatty’s, 1312 W. Lincoln Highway, for an afterparty and even more fun!

Commander Craig “Woody” Woodruff, a 20-year veteran with the DeKalb Police Department, has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. In late August 2017, he visited his physician for pain in his side and some gastrointestinal problems. Early on, his doctors diagnosed diverticulitis and prescribed a number of different antibiotics, none of which alleviated his symptoms. After more than six weeks of unsuccessful antibiotic treatment, his symptoms had worsened and it was determined that he had suffered a colon perforation and it was leaking. He was hospitalized for a week and put on a “super” antibiotic for one month in preparation for surgery. During the surgery, a 5-inch section of his colon was removed.

No sign of cancer was obvious during the surgery; however, on December 5, 2017, immediately before he was to be released from the hospital, they received the devastating news that a pathology test indicated that cancer was found. Since the diagnosis, Woody has opted for chemotherapy. The plan is for 12 treatments of chemotherapy, which may be followed up with an immunotherapy plan. Every two weeks Woody goes in for a treatment lasting 5-6 hours and then wears a chemotherapy pump for two more days to boost the treatment.

We are happy to report that his treatments are going well at this time. The Woodruffs are focusing their efforts on keeping life as normal as possible. Woody and his wife, Megan, are both thankful that the Police Department (especially Chief Lowery and Deputy Chief Petragallo) and Megan’s employer have been so incredibly supportive of Woody’s treatment schedule. All proceeds will be deposited into The Woodruff Family Children’s Trust for the benefit of the Woodruff children. Please keep Woody, his wife Meagan, and their sons, Oliver (3) and Simon (1) in your thoughts and prayers and thank you for your support.