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Covington Kentucky Police Station Address: 1 Police Memorial Dr, Covington, KY 41014, United States

4 weeks ago
The Covington Police Department is requesting your assistance in identifying two persons of interest in a fraud… https://t.co/MasoaDhi55

1 month ago
A big shout out to Detective Eric Higgins for leading our department in the challenge of highlighting and… https://t.co/CSeqAyEZht

1 month ago
Due to the ICY conditions and several traffic accidents on the Roebling Suspension Bridge, we have been forced… https://t.co/9vFimUitVZ

1 month ago
We are very aware of the threat made towards Holmes High School via social media today. Thank you to everyone… https://t.co/QvbBTw8KGF

2 months ago
Yesterday Mayor Meyer administered the Kentucky Oath of Office to your newest Covington Police Officers. Please… https://t.co/yryc4iz1QZ

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Covington Police Department

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We will keep you up to date on any changes.

Covington Police Department

Covington Police Department4 weeks ago

River Road, situated in West Covington will be closed due to rising river levels. The closure is expected to last a few days until river levels recede. Residents of River Road have been contacted via phone and in person by officers notifying them of the closure.

Covington Police Department

Covington Police Department4 weeks ago

A few days ago we notified you that flood gates would be installed on Madison Avenue at the Landing. Well, the river is still not cooperating and is projected to rise to nearly 60 feet by Monday. Therefore, crews will be working through the weekend to install levee gates at E. 16th Street and at Bakewell Street. We will update everyone once the river levels have receded to the point that the gates can be removed.

Covington Police Department

Covington Police Department4 weeks ago

The Covington Police Department is requesting your assistance in identifying two persons of interest in a fraud investigation from the Latonia neighborhood involving an 86-year-old victim. It will be the two female-white subjects walking along the left side of the screen. We understand that the quality of the video is not the greatest, but it’s all we have.

Covington Police Department

Covington Police Department

Covington Police Department1 month ago


You may have noticed crews working near the river. They are currently installing the Madison Avenue flood wall gate, based on the latest river crest levels which was 56′ and rising.


This decision was made after consultation with the Ohio Port Authority, The Army Corps of Engineers, Kenton County Emergency Management and many others.

We will continue to monitor the situation alongside the Covington Department of Public Improvement to keep you up to date.

Covington Police Department

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A big shout out to Detective Eric Higgins for leading our department in the challenge of highlighting and stamping out the horrific crime that is Human Trafficking. This morning Detective Higgins gave a presentation to a group of first responders, medical and social service professionals about the Response Initiative to Guide Human Trafficking Services (RIGHTS). This is a big step in furthering education in the signs of this crime and then how to respond.