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Frederick Maryland Police Station Address: 100 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701, United States

2 days ago
Update #4 – Orchard Way and Appleton are now open.

2 days ago
#3 – Hillcrest Elementary being dismissed. Please expect traffic delays in and around Orchard Way for police activity.

2 days ago
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Part of Orchard Way is currently closed

2 days ago
1 of 2- Police activity IAO Danielle Dr. Helicopter landing at Hill Street Park. Hillcrest Elem. Will be dismissed once helicopter clears

2 days ago
@Jarias_Prime that is brilliant @Jarias_Prime I am sending that suggestion over!!!!

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Do you recognize this suspect?
Please help us and lock your vehicle doors! https://t.co/SyvbS2WIDN

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Frederick Police Department

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Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 301-600-2100
Report Crime Anonymously: 301-600-TIPS (8477)
Email Crime Tips: fpdcrimetip@frederickmdpolice.org
Text Crime Tips: 240-674-TIPS (8477)

Frederick Police Department

Frederick Police Department1 day ago

Come join us for this great event to raise money for Special Olympics Maryland.

Frederick Police Department

Frederick Police Department1 day ago

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

Frederick Police Department

Frederick Police Department2 days ago

Please call us if you recognize these suspects (yes we realize the photo is not the best). Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Frederick Police Department

Frederick Police Department3 days ago

We all have our moments of being forgetful at times. Luckily you have us to remind you of those moments…….

It is too cold outside and I want to leave my car running with the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked….

So far in January, we have had 3 vehicle thefts – yep 3 cars taken without the owner’s permission. Two of these vehicles were left running, keys in the ignition and unlocked. The first was at the Home Depot where the owner parked in the lot and the other was a pizza delivery driver dropping off a pizza at an apartment complex.

We know that it is cold outside and you will do anything humanly possible to avoid the frigid temperatures. Please help us and do not leave your vehicle running and unlocked. This advice is relevant to anywhere, but let’s be real here – some still will in the driveway, so help us and especially do not do this in a public parking lot.

Tips for Situation #1:
A) If you need something from Home Depot and hate the cold, have it delivered for a small fee; this is cheaper than paying the deductible on your vehicle insurance when it goes missing.
B) Amazon delivers and if you have Amazon Prime it arrives within 2 days!

I keep my vehicle unlocked and keep valuables inside….

I know we are “beating a dead horse” but, so far in January, we have had 24 thefts from motor vehicles. Out of these, 21 were left unlocked. Items taken include cash, change, wallets, sunglasses, knit hat, gift cards, GPS unit, pepper spray, flash drive, backpack, work boots, and pants. Oops, make that 25, tfmv’s we just got another call……

Tips for Situation #2:
A) Lock your vehicle door – yep that is it, nice and easy!

Bonus FPD Tip!
A) It is never a good idea to store an extra key to your vehicle in your unlocked vehicle.
B) Vehicles do not make good places to hide engagement rings – yep we have had a few taken from vehicles.

As always call us if you need us – we will be here!

Frederick Police Department

Frederick Police Department3 days ago

Do you recognize this suspect? Call us if you do!

Non-Emergency: 301-600-2102
Tip Line: 301-600-TIPS (8477)
Text Tips: 240-674-TIPS (8477)

Frederick Police Department

Frederick Police Department4 days ago


FPD is investigating five incidents of illegal skimming devices found on ATM machines in the City of Frederick. The Department is also releasing photos from two of the locations and is hoping the public can help us identify the person or persons in the photos. Please call us with info!