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Fall River Massachusetts Police Station Address: 685 Pleasant St, Fall River, MA 02721, United States

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City of Fall River Police Department

City of Fall River Police Department4 days ago

The Fall River Police Department (FRPD) is warning residents of a scam involving individuals claiming to be representing a Division of the Fall River Police Department and collecting bail money to clear up warrants.

• This caller will call and claim there is a Federal warrant for your arrest.
• The caller tells you need to pay the fines but they will not accept cash
• The caller gives you the FRPD address of 685 Pleasant Street
• The caller tells you to go to the nearest CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aid and purchase a Money- Pak.
• The caller will demand your cell phone number to issue you an MCO (maintain contact order)
• The caller will require you to contact them from the store on your cell phone because of the MCO
• After purchasing the MoneyPAK the caller will instruct you to transfer the money, obtain a receipt and go directly to the police department.
• At the FRPD you’ll be informed there were never Federal Warrants and no way to reclaim your money.

If you receive phone calls from someone claiming you have a warrant please take down the information and report the incident to the police. The FRPD advises that you should not purchase MoneyPAKs’ for these purposes. If you have a warrant please respond to the courthouse to clear it up.

The FRPD phone number is 508-676-8511. The scammers will create their own number for you to contact them. The complainant who reported the current scam gave a number of 508-388-1104 run by a ‘Lieutenant Martin’. When I called he was deputy.


City of Fall River Police Department

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Military Veterans of the FRPD took some time on Martin Luther King Day to speak to some children of our community about the impact letters they received while serving overseas. #community #bgc #veteran #military #MLK

City of Fall River Police Department

City of Fall River Police Department6 days ago

On January 14th, 2018 at approximately 8:20 a.m. Officers John Aguiar and Bobby DeSousa of the Fall River Police Departments Uniform Division responded to a Fifth Street address in regards to a larceny complaint. On their arrival they spoke to the complainants, a 74 year old female and her 79 year old husband. They stated a male known to them as Shaun Cabral age – 32, had taken their I-pads and left the residence. The complainants’ stated that Mr. Cabral had entered their apartment claiming his girlfriend had been involved in an accident and he needed a ride to New Bedford. The complainants stated they had an appointment at 9:00 a.m and couldn’t bring him at this time.

Mr. Cabral now changed his excuse stating he needed a ride to New Bedford to get money. The complainants stated this went on for about twenty minutes with Mr. Cabral never leaving the dining room until he left the apartment. When the complainant returned to the dining room they discovered the Ipads were no longer on the table.

A description was obtained and a canvass of the area was performed. Officer Aguiar located Mr. Cabral on South Main near Middle Street. The Ipads, as well as credit cards belonging to the complainants were found in his possession.

Shaun Cabral age 32 with a last known address of 237 Tuttle Street Fall River was placed under arrest and charged with 2 counts of Larceny from a Person aged 65 or older. The property was returned to the complainant.

City of Fall River Police Department

City of Fall River Police Department2 weeks ago

On January 9th, 2018 Fall River Police Department Officer Derek Pereira responded to a home on North Main Street of this city in regards to suspicious males who were in his home. The complainant, who is 77 years old, stated that about 2:15 p.m. a male knocked on his door and began speaking to him. The resident stated the male had some type of badge hanging from his shirt but because of bad eyesight, the complainant was unable to read it. The complainant went on to say that the male claimed to be from the water department and needed to enter his home to check the water pressure. The complainant allowed the male in and took him to the water meter located in the basement. The complainant was told to turn on and off the main water valve while he went upstairs to check the faucets. The complainant didn’t feel comfortable about that so he followed the male back upstairs. Once upstairs, the male stated he could fix any water leaks while he was there. The male then took out a radio and called for someone to come into the house. A second male entered and encountered the complainants’ wife claiming they had overpaid their water bill by $50 and were entitled to a refund but he only had a $100 bill. He then asked if they had change for them. The complainants’ told the two males that they had no cash in the house.

(These con-artists want to see where you go to get the money. One will stay with you turning on and off the faucets making noise, while the other goes through your rooms looking for cash and valuables)

The complainant stated the males left the residence walking north.

The first male is described as – white male
30 to 40 years old
about 5’10” and
weighing about 190 pounds
with a goatee

The second male was described as – white male
about 50 years old
gray hair
large gut

Residents should check identification and call the utility company to verify the service call and name of the person at your door to perform the service before allowing them into your homes.

City Hall – 508-324-2000
Water Department 508-324-2330
Sewer Department 508-324-2320
AFTER HOURS City hall 508-324-2721
This is an answering service and a return call will be made to you.
These departments will make appointments and will be travelling in marked ‘City of Fall River’ vehicles. The city employee will have a City of Fall River identification card with their picture.

Please call the FRPD to report any suspicious activities

City of Fall River Police Department

City of Fall River Police Department2 weeks ago

On January 7th, 2018 at approximately 3:50 a.m. Officers of the Fall River Police Departments Uniform Division were dispatched to Irving and Pleasant Streets in regards to an armed robbery. Officer Timothy Magan, along with Sergeants’ Bryan Nadeau and Brett Kimball were then redirected to the intersection of Albion and Downing Streets because the victim had moved from the area.

The female victim (age – 26) told responding officers that she received a text message from a friend asking her to bring cigarettes to the intersection of Irving and Pleasant Streets. The complainant stated she bought cigarettes and when she arrived at the intersection, her friend was already there waiting. The victim stated that when she removed the cigarettes from her pocket, $80.00 became visible for a moment. The victim stated the suspect reached into her pocket and took the money. The victim reached out to retrieve the money, but the suspect brandished a knife.

The victim told Officers that she asked the suspect “you’re really gonna stab me over $80”. The suspect replied, “You’re really gonna get stabbed over $80”. The victim stated she ran from the area and contacted police.

A friend of the victim informed Officers that the victim made arrangements to buy Heroin at 2:00 a.m. at the Irving and Pleasant Street intersection. On arrival at the intersection, the victim told the friend she was robbed by ‘Cassie’.

The suspect is identified as Cassandra McElroy – age 28, a female, approximately 5’3” in height, 130 pounds with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Officers responded to her last known address on Irving Street but were unable to locate McElroy.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Cassandra McElroy – age 28 is asked to contact Officer Timothy Magan (Tmagan@FRPD.ORG), The Fall River Police Department at 508-676-8511, or the ‘TIPS’ line at 508-672-TIPS (8477)

******************** End of Release*****************************

City of Fall River Police Department

City of Fall River Police Department2 weeks ago