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Ann Arbor Michigan Police Station Address: 301 E Huron St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, United States

City of Ann Arbor – Police Department

The Ann Arbor Police Social Media team administers this page to provide important public safety and public interest information in a timely and efficient manner.

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This page is for information only. Please report urgent crime to 911. Non urgent inquiries can be reported to the Police Front Desk at 734-794-6920.

For FOIA requests, please follow this link: http://www.a2gov.org/departments/City-Clerk/Pages/records-request-foia.aspx

City of Ann Arbor - Police Department

City of Ann Arbor – Police Department1 day ago

Lost track of time? Perhaps that’s because you lost your watch. A nice citizen turned in a very nice timepiece which was found downtown yesterday. If this sounds like something you lost and you can identify it, please get in touch with our property section. (Actual timepiece not pictured.)

City of Ann Arbor - Police Department

City of Ann Arbor – Police Department2 days ago

Our officers do what they do because they want to help people, not for the recognition. But when a citizen DOES recognize one of our officers for their work, we like to share it. Below is a note we recently received from a citizen:

“A few weeks back, my father – age 80 who has very serious mobility issues – was attempting to load some groceries into his car. He cannot step more than a few inches at a time and has trouble with his hands. Shopping is a major adventure. Why he never called me for help that day is surely due to his lingering sense of independence (and he’s really stubborn). Regardless, an AAPD officer appeared at his side and cheerfully loaded his groceries for him. My dad never saw a police car, so he assumes it was an officer just off or just heading on to duty.

The kindness the officer extended really impressed my dad, and his story touched me as well. These little moments and gestures are, in my opinion, what community engagement is all about. And it’s not a one-way street… as officers perform their difficult and dangerous daily responsibilities – let alone when they go above and beyond to share moments of kindness as friends and neighbors – their service and generosity should be noticed and explicitly appreciated by we civilians. So here is my note of thanks. I wish I knew who to thank directly, and hope that you and your colleagues get enough love from the community to keep you going in all situations.

Maybe one of your colleagues remembers my father. If so, please thank him for me, but otherwise just let the entire department know that they are appreciated for their work and professionalism, day in and day out. I feel well served and protected by AAPD 24/7/365.”

City of Ann Arbor - Police Department

City of Ann Arbor – Police Department6 days ago


Unlocked Doors a Common Thread in Ann Arbor Home Invasions

ANN ARBOR, Michigan, April 13, 2018 — On April 13, at approximately 4:20 a.m., a home invasion was reported in the 2900 block of S. Signature to the Ann Arbor Police Department. The victim woke up to an unknown male standing in his bedroom.

The unknown male exited the home when the victim yelled at him. The suspect fled the scene in an unknown direction. The victim advised that no property was taken during this incident. Entry was gained through an unlocked door.

AAPD detectives are investigating this incident relative to the recent west side home invasions that have occurred in the past week. To date, all reported incidents included entry by way of an unlocked door.

The AAPD is asking all residents to remember to lock their doors and report all suspicious activity by calling 9-1-1.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please call the Ann Arbor tipline at 734.794.6939 or email tips@a2gov.org.

No further information on this these incidences are available.

City of Ann Arbor - Police Department

City of Ann Arbor – Police Department6 days ago

***** AAPD Social Media Crime Alert *****

Recently, vandalism in the form of graffiti has been occurring at numerous city parks. Specifically, Gallup Park has seen a significant increase in damage to park benches, tables and restrooms. The graffiti is written in dark colored marker and requires replacement or repair of park facilities and equipment. AAPD detectives continue to investigate.

The Police Department in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation Department is offering a $500 reward for information leading the identify and arrest of any individual damaging park property. Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to 911 or immediately notify a park employee.

Residents can submit information by email at tips@a2gov.org or by calling 734-794-6939.

Acting D/Lt Craig Martin

City of Ann Arbor - Police Department

City of Ann Arbor – Police Department1 week ago

Some of you may have already noticed the good news… N. Fifth Avenue is finally getting reconstructed. This is a large project with many improvements, which means it is going to take a while. If you still enjoy long waits and that “off-road” experience, one lane remains open. However, we strongly suggest you begin exploring new routes to avoid the area this summer.