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Saginaw Michigan Police Station Address: 612 Federal Ave, Saginaw, MI 48607, United States

Saginaw Police Department

The Saginaw Police Department Face Book page was created as an information resource for the people who live, work or play here in the City of Saginaw. This page will share information about crime, city events, and historical information for the Saginaw Police Department. If you have a question or concern about a non-emergency police related matter, please send a private message and we will respond as soon as possible. If you have an emergency situation, do not send a message to this page because it is not monitored at all times…instead, please call 911.
Saginaw Police Department

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January 11, 2017 SPD Sgt. Gerow and Officers Jordan Bady and Jordan Englehart responded to a Saginaw home and assisted with a “birth in process”. Today the officers returned to wish London Jordae a Happy First Birthday.

Saginaw Police Department

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**Here is a story with a happy ending that could have been tragic. Have you every noticed Police Officer’s drive around with their windows cracked no matter the weather? This is one of the reasons why. Great job Officer Stacer!!

On 01/14/2018 at approximately 0411 hours Officer Stacer called over Police Radio to Central Dispatch that he could hear a female screaming in the area of W. Holland & N. Niagara and was going to investigate the situation.

Upon checking the area, Ofc. Engelhart and Officer Stacer began driving in the area checking as the situation was unknown. As Ofc. Engelhart began checking the area he did not hear any screaming like indicated. Officer Stacer parked his patrol vehicle in the parking lot of Panda House as that is where he stated he thought the noise was in the area of. After listening for a few seconds with nothing heard both Officers exited their patrol vehicles and began checking the area underneath the bridge. Immediately upon exiting their patrol vehicle’s the Officers located a female face down in the fetal position approximately 7-15 feet out on the ice (between bank line and bridge pillar) but now not making any sounds.

While Ofc. Engelhart began making his way down to the female on the ice, Officer Stacer began checking the immediate area to determine if the female was alone or if it may have been some other situation. It was unknown how long the female had been outside prior to Officer Stacer hearing her cries/screams for help. The female had extremely red in color skin and slow/shallow breathing when she was found. Several Officers pulled the female back onto land from the river where MMR was now waiting to evaluate her medically.

The female was determined to be intoxicated and slipped and fell on the ice. She did not have any major injuries from this fall, but MMR personnel on scene stated that her body temperature was at 85 Degrees. Normal body temperature is 98.6 Degrees. Per MMR hypothermia can start setting in at 95 Degree (The female was 13.6 Degree colder than normal). Per MMR had the female not been heard/located there was a high probability that the female would not have made it much longer.

The temperature at the time was 1 Degree and with wind-chill it felt like -3 Degree’s per www.weather.com. Had it not been for Officer’s Stacer driving through the area with his windows cracked down and then determining where the initial yelling was at the female might not have survived the night’s temperatures. The female was out of eye site from any normal traffic and who knows when she would have been located or even worse not located at all. The female did not have the appropriate clothing to keep herself warm throughout the night, and did not have any type of cell phone or any personal items on her to otherwise contact someone for help. Due to Officer Stacer’s actions he saved her life and should be recognized for such excellent Police Work.

Saginaw Police Department

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Thank you Sgt. Smithers for inviting Cigan & Ofc. Holp out tonight to help the Bear Den of Freeland Cub Scouts Pack 3309 in achieving their badge in forensics. Ofc. Holp spoke about how Cigan is able to find discarded evidence with his awesome nose while demonstrating this in a classroom environment.

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*** Request for assistance***

We are asking for help identifying the subject in the video. The subject robbed the 7-11 convenience store at 614 S. Washington Avenue on January 7th 2018 at approximately 9:51 pm. The subject produced a handgun as seen in the video. Please watch the video and contact D/Sgt. Matthew Gerow @ (989) 759-1251 if you have any information about the subject. You can also send a private message. Thank You!

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Saginaw Police Department

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Attached is a link to a press briefing held today in regards to 2017 crime statistics.


Saginaw Police Department

Saginaw Police Department Press Conference – 2017 Crime Statistics

Saginaw Police Department Press Conference January 4, 2018.l Police Chief Ruth and local law enforcement representatives discussed the 2017 crime statistics …
Saginaw Police Department

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Here is Amanda Chodnicki’s complete story in regards to D/Sgt. Gerow’s & Ofc’s Bady & Engelhart’s Dr. Oz show appearance. The episode is on today at 3:00pm.

Saginaw Police Department

Amanda Chodnicki TV

Saginaw woman who didn’t know she was pregnant appears on Doctor Oz Shows.

The three Saginaw Police Department officers who assisted her in giving birth in her bath tub a year ago will make a surprise appearance as well.