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Southfield Michigan Police Station Address: 26000 Evergreen Rd, Southfield, MI 48076, United States

Southfield Police Department

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The City of Southfield Police Department provides a full range of quality services which include marked and unmarked patrol units, a well-trained Investigative staff, and outstanding Crime Prevention services. The department has been honored for outstanding service award from the Michigan Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Outstanding Crime Prevention Award by the Michigan Crime Prevention Association, and by the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police for its outstanding community policing programs.

Our Police Officers are supported by the latest technology. Computers are installed in all marked patrol units to provide faster access to vital information about suspects, victims and addresses in and around the City of Southfield. The radio system represents an important improvement in the speed and efficiency of our communication technology. Further, we have instituted a FAX Network for local businesses and private police. This system is designated to share crime prevention and other information with the private sector in a timely manner. We have installed a computerized Arrest Photo System and a Fingerprint System. We have also automated the department by installing computer aided dispatch, a records management system and laptop computer terminals in the patrol vehicles.

The Southfield Police Department is continuously adding new and exciting ideas to their existing police concepts and remains a leader in law enforcement/policing. Priorities for The Police department include:

■The continued implementation of non-traditional police management concepts…the private sector approach to governmental management. That is, increase the level of service by viewing the public and police employees as customers and addressing their needs. This is not a private policing program, but a proactive approach which combines prevention techniques with positive attitude.

■Developing and encouraging a leadership style that will support a high level of service by retaining and developing our personnel. This process includes: (a) making all personnel a part of the decision making process, (b) allowing officers to actualize themselves through higher level training and special programs, and (c) utilizing the domestic or community-based approach to service delivery and introducing an earned media concept to encourage citizen participation by publicizing positive citizen action toward successful prevention/apprehension activities.

■Continuation of our community policing program, a partnership between police, business, schools, and citizens, designed not only to solve crime, but to help solve related problems. Criminal behavior must be made sociably unacceptable and economically unrewarding, as well as unlawful. Thus the people must become directly involved in the solving of community issues/crimes and total community wellness.

The Southfield Police Department prides itself on its highly-trained men and women, state-of-the-art technology, community policing philosophy, and a commendable crime prevention and crime fighting success rate.

The department employs more than 160 people. Of these, 70 percent are college-educated.

We are altering the way we do police business. This new approach is a direct result of society’s changing needs. We are not only a law enforcement agency, but also a policing agency. Law enforcement is reactive, responding to incidents; policing is proactive, solving problems before they become police matters. An example of this is our initiating the first state award winning and nationally recognized Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program, which is designed to reduce the undesirable activity on these properties.

We believe in educating the public on safety and crime prevention. We offer free security inspections for homes and business. We visit schools, neighborhood associations, apartment complexes and other business and residential groups, teaching common sense techniques that add positively to residents’ quality of life and sense of well-being.

Southfield Police Department

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As National Telecommunicators Week comes to an end (April 8th-April 14th), we can’t help but thank them countless times. Here at Southfield we have 15 dedicated members of our team with a combined service of 245 years!!! These dedicated team members work all shifts weekends, and holidays to ensure anyone who needs hep can get it quickly. As the FIRST first responders to every crime, fire and medical emergency, the 9-1-1 dispatcher continues to be invaluable to the City, its residents, businesses, visitors, police officers, and firefighters. Dispatchers are often said to be the voice in the dark. Let’s bring them out of the “dark” and thank them for the job well done! Thank you Southfield Dispatch, for keeping your community safe, all police fire and EMS personnel safe!

Not only is it National Telecommunicators Week but also National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week. Warden White, Thank you for all that you do for the City and its residents. You have saved countless animals and reunited many with their family. Job Well Done Sir!


Southfield Police Department

Southfield Police Department5 days ago

**Found Male dog**
Found in the area of Berg Rd and Oliver Ct.
If you know the owner, have them contact Almost Home Shelter at 248-932-1965.

*Also posted on For The Love Of Louie*


Southfield Police Department

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Officer Dave Imber has been working with the City of Lathrup Village since 2017 and has made various friendships, while helping others along the way. Dave is 37 years old and has recently just been diagnosed with Glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer. Dave has had surgery to remove the tumor and will begin chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Officer Imber is a proud member of the law enforcement community and of the Lathrup Village Police Department.

Dave was born in the City of Southfield, MI and started his career serving others by joining the Army in 2005 at age 24. Dave first joined the Michigan National Guard, 425th Unit out of Selfridge, MI as a Platoon Leader. Dave later went on to the 125th Infantry in 2008 and fought overseas in Iraq. In 2009/2010 Dave was then stationed with the 82nd Airborne Division. Currently, Dave is still serving in the Army Reserves as a Brigade Intelligence Officer for the 272nd.

After serving his country for several years, Dave got married in 2010 to his wife Julie. Dave and Julie have two daughters, Mia who is 4 years old and Brooke who is 14 years old. While making valuable memories and supporting his family, Dave went on to work Corrections for Livingston County in 2016. Dave then began pursuing a career in Police and soon became an Officer here in the City of Lathrup Village.

Dave has dedicated his life to helping others within both his community and his country. Personally, I know Dave to be a completely selfless person and very humble. Dave is fighting with everything he has to beat this disease that came over night and without sign. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

All donations are greatly appreciated and will help the Imber family pay for medical costs and future planning while Dave is off work.

Fundrasing events will be posted soon with dates and times.

Written and created by Officer Roberts with Lathrup Village Police Department.


Southfield Police Department

Southfield Police Department1 week ago

Thanks to everyone that came out and seen us today at Madonna University Criminal Justice career fair!


Southfield Police Department

Southfield Police Department3 weeks ago

Huge thank you to Medilodge of Southfield for our Easter basket! We are grateful for the appreciation from one of our local businesses. Thank you all so much!


Southfield Police Department

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Southfield Police is looking for Dispatchers to join our team! We also have a Dispatch Cadet position available to those who do not yet meet all the job requirements. Please visit CITYOFSOUTHFIELD.COM to print the application. Feel free to share with your family and friends.