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Clay County Sheriff’s Office

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office provides policing services to 30 townships and 6 incorporated cities covering 1,053 square miles.
Clay County Sheriff's Office

Clay County Sheriff’s Office1 week ago

MnDOT urges motorists to be cautious when driving near snowplows

ST. PAUL, Minn. – There have been at least 22 crashes so far this season involving vehicles and snowplows. With significant snow totals forecast for much of the state this week, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is urging motorists to use extra caution during plowing and snow removal operations.
“Inattentive drivers, motorists driving too close to the plow and motorists driving too fast for conditions are the main causes of these crashes,” said Steve Lund, state maintenance engineer. “Our snowplow drivers are well trained to drive their plows, but motorists should be patient and stay back from the plow. Snowplows travel much slower than the posted speeds because it is most effective for clearing roads.”
Lund said that operators’ ability to see behind them is restricted behind the truck so they must rely on mirrors to see to the rear and side of the truck.
“Their vision is also hampered by the snow clouds created while they plow. So, the safest place you can be is well behind the snowplow and away from the snow cloud it creates,” he said.
Last year in Minnesota, there were 58 crashes involving vehicles and snowplows.
Minnesota law requires motorists to turn on their headlights when it’s snowing or at any other time when weather conditions impair visibility.
Here are some other recommendations for safe driving around snowplows:
• Stay alert for snowplows, which turn or exit frequently and often with little warning. They also may travel over centerlines or partially in traffic to further improve road conditions.
• Stay back at least 10 car lengths behind the plow. Don’t drive into a snow cloud.
• Slow down to a safe speed for current conditions.
• Turn on your headlights and wear your seat belt.
• Turn off the cruise control.
• Be patient and remember snowplows are working to improve road conditions for your trip.
• Don’t drive distracted.
Motorists should check road conditions at 511mn.org.

Clay County Sheriff's Office

Clay County Sheriff’s Office3 weeks ago

This weekend looks to be brutal through Monday/Tuesday. The National Weather Service has issued a Wind Chill Warning starting at 6pm tonight and expiring at 6pm January 1st. Wind Chills are expected to hit -50 at times. Please take a moment to make sure you have a safety plan along with a cold weather kit if you plan on any travel. Also remember that it only takes several minutes for exposed skin to get frost bite in these temps. So be sure to stay safe, and dress appropriately if spending ANY time outside.

Clay County Sheriff's Office

Clay County Sheriff’s Office1 month ago


Over the past two days, the Sheriff’s Office has taken reports of individuals stealing mail in the Hawley area. The vehicle is described as a small black car, with tinted windows and no hubcaps. The car has North Dakota license plates and is possibly a Saturn. It was seen with two males in the car going through mailboxes in the rural Hawley area.

If you see a car matching this description, please contact the Red River Regional Disptach Center at 701-451-7660.

If you are able to obtain a license plate off of the vehicle to assist in our investigation into the mail thefts, that would be helpful as well. Please do not attempt to stop the vehicle on your own.

Thank You

Clay County Sheriff's Office

Clay County Sheriff’s Office1 month ago

Victims of Western Union Fraud may be eligible to file a claim to retrieve money lost to scammers who used Western Union. Please read below and find the attached website:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is informing consumers they may file a claim to retrieve money lost to scammers who used Western Union. Files must be submitted by February 12, 2018 through this form: FTC.gov/WU.
In January 2017, the Western Union Company entered an agreement with the FTC and the US Department of Justice, admitting to criminal violations, including willfully failing to maintain an effective anti-money laundering program and aiding and abetting wire fraud. As part of the settlement, Western Union will pay $586 million to redress victims. Victims who lost money to scammers who told them to pay via Western Union’s money transfer system between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017 are eligible to file a claim to get their money back.
More information from the FTC Consumer Alert:
• Affected consumers should go to FTC.gov/WU to file claims, learn more, and get updates on the claims process—this infographic describes the process for filing a claim.
• Some people who have already reported their losses to Western Union, the FTC, or another government agency will receive a form in the mail from the claims administrator, Gilardi & Co. The form will have a Claim ID and a PIN number to use when filing a claim online via FTC.gov/WU. Gilardi was hired by Justice Department, which is responsible for returning victims’ money as part of its settlement with Western Union.
• Filing a claim is free, so consumers should not pay anyone to file a claim on their behalf. No one associated with the claims process will call to ask for consumers’ bank account or credit card number.

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Clay County Sheriff's Office

Clay County Sheriff’s Office shared their post.1 month ago

Don’t forget about coming out to support the Special Olympics Minnesota for both lunch and dinner today!!! Lunch will be “served” by area LE and 1st responders from 11a-2p with dinner from 4p-8p at the Boulder Tap House.

Clay County Sheriff's Office

Clay County Sheriff’s Office2 months ago

Sgt. Joshua Schroeder was presented with his “Hat Trick” hockey stick today at the Clay County Law Enforcement Center. This hockey stick is given to law enforcement officers that arrest three or more impaired drivers during their shift.

On August 19th 2017, Sgt. Schroeder took three impaired drivers off of Clay County roads during his 10 hour shift.

The hockey stick was presented to Sgt. Schroeder by Becky Putzke from the Office of Traffic Safety and Sgt. Darin Bredman.

(Photo L to R: Sgt. Bredman, Becky Putzke and Sgt. Schroeder)