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Lincoln Nebraska Jail Address: 302 S Jeffers St, North Platte, NE 69101, USA

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office17 hours ago

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the citizens of Lincoln County that although we are in the middle of winter and temperatures have been quite cold, it has not deterred criminal activity in the rural areas, villages and storage unit facilities. If you have storage units please check them frequently.

We are seeing criminal activity happening during the daytime hours, when the temperatures are warmer and citizens are less likely to suspect suspicious activity. Please take precautions to deter this type of activity by ensuring your homes, vehicles and outbuildings are secured when you are away, and immediately report any suspicious activity to Law Enforcement, day or night.

Thank You

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office5 days ago

Cook Needed

CBM Managed Services is now hiring Full and Part time cooks at Lincoln County Detention Center facility kitchen, a highly controlled and safe environment. Ideal candidates need a basic understanding of institutional food service. Starting wages depending on qualifications. Must be able to pass a background check. Benefits include health, dental, vision, 401k and opportunities for advancement. Email resume to: jennifer.gooch@cbmmanagedservices.com

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office6 days ago


Name, Age, Charges

Johnathan L Mally, 32, Theft-extortion over $5,000

Romello H Taylor, 20, Theft-unlawful taking $0-$500

Justin I Holbrook, 26, Theft-services $0-$500/3rd

Tristen R Campbell, 27, Theft-rcv stolen prop $1,500-$5,000

Eric W Bartels, 34, Robbery, Terroristic threats, False inprisonment-1st degree, Use deadly weapon to commit a felony, Theft-unlawful taking $1,500-$5,000, Theft-unlawful taking $0-$500/3rd/subsequent, Assault by confined person-no weapon (4 warrants)

Travis J McCarty, 35, Drive under susp/before reinstated (2 charges), No proof of insurance (2 charges), No vaild registration (2 charges), FTA (2 charges), FTP (3 warrants)

Celeste R Nesslein, Drive under Susp (3 counts), FTA (4 counts), No proof of insurance (2 counts), No valid registration (2 counts) ( 3 warrants)

James K Ward, 32, Drive under susp (2 counts), No proof of insurance (2 warrants)

Cynthia S Valentine, 27, Absconder/Escape

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office7 days ago

A Few Common Questions Answered.

— When you get pulled over by a police officer, should you get your car registration out of the glove box and have it ready when he gets to your window? No. The officer won’t know what you’re trying to get from the glove box. Wait until he or she asks for your registration.

— If you’re supposed to keep your hands on the wheel, where should your passengers put theirs? Passengers should keep their hands where an officer can see them. Front-seat passengers can keep their hands on their lap. Back-seat passengers should put their hands on the seat in front of them.

— What should you do if there’s not a good, safe place to pull over? Turn on your flashers and slow down about 10 mph to signal to the officer that you plan to pull over. Then look for the first safe place to do it on the right side of the road.

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office1 week ago

Around 8:15 this morning a Lincoln County Deputy located an aluminum step ladder on Highway 30 between Hershey and Sutherland. If this is your ladder please contact us to claim 308-535-9599

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office2 weeks ago


Name, Age, Charges

Derek S Finke, 25, Dom Asslt-intl cause body injury

Tietyss E Dieter, 18, Violation of Probation: original charge-Arson-3rd degree

Shelby W Foster, 34, Violation of Probation: original charges-Stalking, Violate protection order

Shawn D Reese, 27, Drive under susp, No valid registration, FTA, Driving under Susp, FTA (2 warrants)

Zachariah S Decent, 38, Violation of Probation: original charge-Attempt of class 4 felony

Cody Howard, 26, Violation of Probation: original charge-Attempted 1st degree forgery

Cory N Weeth, 38, Theft-unlawful taking, FTA

Michael J Guerra, 26, Order: original charge-commit child abuse intentional (3 counts)

Estella A Vieyra, 26, Order: original charge-commit child abuse intentional (3 counts)