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Bellevue Nebraska Police Station Address: 1510 Wall St, Bellevue, NE 68005, United States

4 hours ago
Hope y’all have a great Sunday. #maketodayawesome Message brought to you by random 5 year old chalk artist https://t.co/1nU0f4VhFG

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13 hours ago
It was at this moment when this driver realized his error in not calling an Uber for his ride home. #DontDrinkAndDrive #FreeRideToJail Tweeted by @OfcVest https://t.co/e9ia5LoIL5

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16 hours ago
South precinct units just dealt with a male party on foot who tested over 4X the legal breath alcohol level! Luckily he was walking and NOT driving. Tweeted by @BPDLt_Reed https://t.co/9D0bUrLdPe

18 hours ago
As the fire dies down and you have a tummy ache from s’mores go inside and lock your 🏡 and car. It’s #9PMRoutine time y’all. https://t.co/FfbNw87XiL

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