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Lincoln Nebraska Police Station Address: 575 S 10th St, Lincoln, NE 68508, USA

31 ago
When u recover a stolen vehicle 20 mins after it’s reported stolen, catch both wanted suspects after running through muddy yards & over fences! 2 in custody thnx 2 Ofc Noordhoek & great #teamwork on the NE Team! #Officer #Mother #FasterThanYou #LNK #LNK911 https://t.co/cuOUiH0zrS

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9 hours ago
27th St/State Fair Park Dr

@LincFireRescue is working a train fire on the tracks under the bridge.

27th St Bridge is CLOSED due to a working fire & heavy smoke.

Please avoid the area per @lpd_duty

#LPD via @LPDUpAllNight https://t.co/NvayIAv7GJ

11 hours ago
@ateoh1‘s Northeast Team responded to the report of a burglary.
Caller reported a naked 30 year old woman trying to get in the front door.
As Ofcs were en route, the woman began running through the sprinklers.
One in custody.
#LPD #CoolNightAir

12 hours ago
Dear Downtown Inebriate,
When the Ofc contacts you by the dumpster in the alley behind a downtown bar for urinating in public…

Don’t be offended when he won’t shake your hand.
It is nothing personal.
We know where your hand has been….MOST RECENTLY

#LPD #ZeppityZepZep

14 hours ago
#1 Don’t pick front doors Police Station for screaming F*&K YOU, FU*&ING BI^%H at your wife over and over whilst swinging your arms/veins popping outa ur neck.
#2 Don’t tell the Ofc, F*&K YOU, NOT GONNA FU*&ING CALM DOWN
#LPD #ProTip

18 hours ago
It’s time to lock up. Bring valuables inside, lock your car, shut the garage and secure your home. #9pmroutine #crimeprevention #LNK https://t.co/bS0APUDPkE

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