Lookup Inmates on the Jail Roster in the City of New York City, New York. Results Include: Charges, Disposition, Bond Amount, Booking Date, Booking Time, Cell Location, Agency, Court, Race, Aliases, Warrant #

11 hours ago
Not sure where you plan to end your night, but don’t let your prized possession end it’s night on the back of a tow truck. Our Street Racing Taskforce will be out tonight. So enjoy your evening, but do it in a safe and legal manner https://t.co/9UsrGlA9fH

15 hours ago
We came across this video posted by a community member and wanted to share it with you — whether it’s talking about the neighborhood or the names of our LAPD horses, the point is we must talk. Because when we talk, we connect…when we connect, we become a stronger team! https://t.co/SkSVuagwAh

1 day ago
We promise we give our LAPD Mounted Unit officers their own horse, but I guess it never hurts to practice “horsepooling” https://t.co/EeGbTzZg5S

2 days ago
“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.” While this isn’t the famous DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future, the quote holds true. We go where the call for service takes us, no matter the conditions. https://t.co/G7W8oq86DN

2 days ago
Meet Officer Andy Salcido — when he’s not fighting crime and working to improve the quality of life in South LA, he is dedicated to being a mentor. Like a proud parent, the first day of school is always a great moment. Join us in saying “Thank You Andy” https://t.co/jlTsPEq2eW

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