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Lima Ohio Police Station Address: 117 E Market St, Lima, OH 45801, United States

4 days ago
It’s 4/20.
Don’t Blaze 🚫🚬🍃
Donut Glaze!! 🍩🤗

3 weeks ago
oday we are featuring three individuals for #WarrantWednesday. Do you have any information as to their whereabouts? Call LPD if you have Information. You may also give information through private message or by calling Crimestoppers.
If this is you, do the right thing https://t.co/IS7yNfTrlT

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3 weeks ago
Sgt. Garlock got to spend some time with a young man at St. Mark’s this morning! https://t.co/vYBLqIuRH4

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