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Tigard Oregon Police Station Address: 13125 SW Hall Blvd, Tigard, OR 97223, United States

6 hours ago
Today we saw a driver flick a cigarette out his car window—which is always a bad idea. With all the smoke and fires, we can’t afford this thoughtless behavior. In #Tigard it could also cost you $440.00 for violating ORS 476.715 https://t.co/7cFW6kbBzP https://t.co/WgHGWe5xOc

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8 hours ago
Officer Gregston and Powers were awarded the lifesaving medal today for administering CPR and Naloxone, saving the lives of 2 people who had overdosed on Fentanyl on 6/24. Their skills, efforts and rapid response are a great reflection on themselves and TPD. https://t.co/HDWmuSm6zR

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23 hours ago
@BradWagon Understandably what you experienced is unsettling. We will forward to supervisors. Where did this incident happen & what time? Our traffic safety officers strive to educate and enforce traffic safety laws and seek to correct poor driving behavior so we’ll let them know too.

24 hours ago
@tlewis132 Hi Teresa,
We’ve received your feedback. Here’s a crime mapping tool that can provide you info about police activity around your Tigard address: https://t.co/kkB5jxPV4O

3 days ago
@MacPolice @MacPolice …we’re with you on that one! Shout out to @FirehouseSubs on Hall Blvd. for the H2O For Heroes event which gives @TigardPolice the ability to share water in the community who may need to hydrate. And it will be a hot one this week! https://t.co/sUvWUKgfjr

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