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@kellerpolice We’ve had the same thing happen on 820 and 121…be careful out there!

Don’t Drink and Drive! #MoveOver #drivesober

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@IrvingPD @IrvingPDChief True, good for the heart…not for chili. What’s next, pasta?

Haltom City Police Department

Haltom City Police Department1 day ago

Pet of the Week: Rocco!

Rocco is a year-old heeler mix. He loves to run and have fun but will need a little help getting used to a leash. Rocco will need to be neutered and be vaccinated for rabies.

To adopt Rocco or any of the furry friends at the Haltom City Animal Shelter, please visit us at 5312 Midway Rd or call us at (817) 759-2124

Haltom City Police Department

Haltom City Police Department1 day ago

A little light lab work after working a mock crime scene for our Explorers. Most valuable lesson learned was how fingerprint dust gets EVERYWHERE when you use it.

Haltom City Police Department

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Here we see Filo, dragging a volunteer inside where its nice and warm. And over here, we see Filo helping adjust a jacket so the volunteer is protected from the elements. Our K9s are very, very thoughtful.

Filo wants to remind you that despite the super trendy fur coat they wear, you should bring in your animals and their food and water bowls when temps get this cold outside. If its bad for humans, its bad for pets as well.

Haltom City Police Department

Haltom City Police Department3 days ago

Today we honor a great citizen, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and reflect on the messages he championed during his all-too-short life.

Haltom City Police Department

Haltom City Police Department5 days ago

Haltom City has been invaded!

The influenza virus has slammed North Texas. Many of you are either miserable with flu, or are desperately trying to avoid it. Here’s some helpful hints to get us by.

Get the flu shot. It’s not a perfect solution, but an ounce of prevention us worth a pound of cure.

If you or your family are sick…STAY HOME. Don’t go to work, school, library, Hall & Oates concert…nothing. STAY HOME.

Wash hands! Assume everyone else is carrying the virus and wash hands accordingly.

Don’t touch your face. Once the germs are on your hands, they just need an invitation to your blood stream.

Your PD and FD would love to avoid sick people, but we can’t avoid getting called to homes of sick folks. Please don’t be offended if we pass on that handshake right now. WE ARE PROUD TO SERVE YOU and no one appreciates their first responders more than Haltom City, but we have to do everything possible to stay healthy for you. We’ll settle for a fist bump, head nod, or tip of the hat. Y’all do the same for each other.

Stay healthy Haltom!!

Haltom City Police Department

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Do you recognize this package thief? If you have any information, please contact Detective St. John at 817-222-7032.