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Tyler Texas Police Station Address: 711 W Ferguson St, Tyler, TX 75702, United States

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We are now accepting applications for Police Recruit. The application deadline is Friday, February 10, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. https://t.co/jZlxxSGgIz


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Due to overpass construction on the SSW Loop 323 at Bellwood Road the southbound traffic lane has been shut down to one lane.

3 years ago
Tyler police investigating a industrial accident fatality in the 300 block of W. Heritage.

3 years ago
Police Chief Gary Swindle and Fire Chief Tim Johnson will take the ALS Challenge today at 4:00 pm in front of the Tyler Police Department.

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Tyler-City Police Department4 hours ago

We would like to say a “Big Thank You” to all our 911 Communications Crew for handling the STRESSFUL workload of phone calls that exceeded over 2,300 calls in two days requesting Police, Fire and EMS. Also not forgetting all our radio traffic for all our first responders during our weather emergency. Great Job to all our tele-communicators you are not forgotten. Please give these special group of employees a thumbs up! Oh by the way we have several openings for tele-communicators if you are interested!

Tyler-City Police Department

Tyler-City Police Department shared The Darcy Birden’s video.20 hours ago

In time of crisis (like the extreme weather East Texas just experienced), it is important to work together. Det. Roberts shares about how Tyler PD, Tyler Fire and EMS all had to work together on an incident Tuesday afternoon on Shiloh. After a women fell and hit her head, help was needed immediately but road conditions prevented vehicles from getting to her.

Tyler-City Police Department

The Darcy Birden

Tyler PD’s Jeff Roberts speaking about one of the great stories of people working together to help the people of Tyler. I heard about so many stories of people helping others today. It makes me proud to call East Texas home.
Tyler-City Police Department

Tyler-City Police Department1 day ago

Hope everyone is having a safe drive in to work today. The City is monitoring conditions and responding as needed. Watch for patchy ice locations as seen here on the bridge westbound on E. Gentry as you come up to Broadway.

Tyler-City Police Department

Tyler-City Police Department

Tyler-City Police Department2 days ago

Thanks to you we have exceeded 10,000 likes on our Facebook page standing at 11,906 Likes. Our goal is to keep you informed and allow you to be part of our department. Thank you again and keep following us on Facebook!

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Tyler-City Police Department2 days ago

As we approach the night time hours and dropping temperatures we want to remind you that the roads will turn back to ice and cause many problems for drivers. Even though the street may look clear you may be driving on black ice and easily lose control of your vehicle. City of Tyler road crews will continue to sand streets at the request of the police department. If you have to drive and are not able to stay home please observe the following safety tips:

1. Drive very slow and give plenty room around other drivers especially front and back of you.
2. You may be driving too fast for conditions so don’t follow speed limit signage until all roads are back to normal.
3. Many drivers have run red lights today due to not wanting to stop on an incline. This is very dangerous and is still a violation.
4. Drive a route that allows you to remain on streets that have few hills to maneuver.
5. Always have your cell phone to call for help if needed.
6. Use flashers if you become stranded and get out of your vehicle and get to a safe place in case someone slides into your vehicle.
7. Don’t lock your brakes up if you lose control on ice and steer your wheel into the direction you wish to go.
8. Have someone pick you up with a vehicle that handles better for these road conditions and leave your vehicle parked.

All the Tyler Police Departments staff from Administration, CID, Special Units, to Patrol Division have been working hard all day to assist stranded motorist and keep the city moving. We appreciate everything that you as motorist have done to stay off the roads when possible and being patient until we can arrive to assist you.

Please Arrive Home Safe!

Tyler-City Police Department

Tyler-City Police Department2 days ago

S . Broadway in front of Kohl’s southbound lanes, vehicles are not able to get up the hill at this time.