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Weslaco Texas Police Station Address: 901 N Airport Dr, Weslaco, TX 78596, United States

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Our Community Outreach Officers Eric Hernandez and Carlos Hinojosa presented to the staff at Valley Grande Manor today. The topic presented was about Workplace Violence/Active Shooter. @WeslacoPD would like to thank Mr. Martin Casas for the invitation. https://t.co/s3ox2eku49

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Please help us pass the word to anyone that might need the help. https://t.co/WbewdlPnJx

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We were honored to provide a tour of our building to the members of Leadership Class XIII sponsored by the Weslaco Chamber of Commerce. We had a blast as we presented our Crime Stomper, motorcycle, as well as our Community Partnership Station (RV). https://t.co/FU3lcwRmRQ

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@WeslacoPD just added four new members to our Community Outreach Division. The four new P.A.R.’S (Police Area Representatives) will assist the current members of the division in taking a proactive approach to combat crime. https://t.co/LghbH8Rwev

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Weslaco Police Officers were surprised yesterday with a visit from Catering Manager Stanley Rodriguez of Jimmy John’s Sandwich. The Weslaco Police Department would like to thank Jimmy John’s for their generosity of bringing lunch to our officers. https://t.co/f87vQcgR5f

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@WeslacoPD wishes to inform the public that Ericka Duenas has been located and is safe. We thank you, the public for your assistance in spreading the word about Ericka’s disappearance. Thank you. https://t.co/7SIfvGKb6l

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Weslaco Police Department


The Weslaco Police Department, in accordance with the Texas Racial Profiling Law, Article 2.132 Code of Criminal Procedure, has been collecting police contact data to comply with the law. Throughout the past year, the police department has striven to ensure that the numbers reported, via citations, field contact cards and arrests was as accurate as possible. The information reported herein only applies to what is referred to as a Tier 1 information only (stops that resulted in citation or arrest).


The following requirements must be met by all law enforcement agencies in the State of Texas:

1. Clearly define act or actions that constitute racial profiling.
2. Statement prohibiting any peace officer employed by the Weslaco Police Department from engaging in racial profiling.
3. Implement a process by which an individual may file a complaint regarding racial profiling violations and provide public education related to the complaint process.
4. Implement disciplinary guidelines for officers found in violation of the Texas Racial Profiling Law.
5. Collect Tier 1 data that includes information on:
a. Race and ethnicity of individual detained
b. Whether a search was conducted
c. If there was a search, whether it was a consent search or a probable cause search
d. Whether a custody arrest took place
6. Produce an annual report on police contacts (Tier 1) and present this to the local governing body March 1st, 2014.
7. Adopt a policy, if video/audio equipment is installed, on standards for the Reviewing video and audio documentation.


Inside this report, the reader will find that the Weslaco Police Department has met all the requirements of Article 2.132 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures.

The Department has General Order 58-2001, which addresses the Racial Profiling issue.

The Department has a current Collective Bargaining Contract, October 1st, 2011 through September 30, 2012, Article 29, which governs the procedures for investigating a complaint filed against an officer.

The Department has General Order 55-99, which outlines the use of the mobile video equipment mounted in the patrol vehicles.

The collection process used for this report was comprised of traffic citations, field contact cards, and traffic related arrest reports. The race, ethnicity of an individual that was stopped and whether a search was conducted was gathered. This information as gathered over the time period of January 1st, 2013 till December 31st, 2013. This information is called TIER 1.


1. Departmental Personnel
A. All members of the Weslaco Police Department have met the requirements set out by the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement. That requirement stipulated that all officers had to attend a Racial Profiling Class prior to September 1st, 2003.
B. As part of the mandated training required by T.C.O.L.E., officers of the Weslaco Police Department are required to attend Cultural Diversity Classes every two-year training cycle. This course of study includes sections on Racial Profiling.

2. Public Awareness
A. The Weslaco Police Department, through the Community Policing Division, conducts public awareness/education programs that includes the complaint process utilized by the department.


Since the adaptation of Article 2.131 of the CCP (Racial Profiling Prohibited), the Weslaco Police Department had not received any verifiable complaints regarding racial profiling.


The City of Weslaco is located on the Eastern edge of Hidalgo County, centered between McAllen to the West, Harlingen to the East and is seven miles North of the Mexican border city of Nuevo Progreso.

The city comprises approximately 14.72 square miles of landmass.

A. Population

The information utilized in this section was obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau, Census of 2010. This Census indicated a total population of 35,670.

The current Census breakdown for the City of Weslaco is as follows:

Number Percentage

Hispanic/Latino 30,312 84.9

White 4,633 13

Black 195 0.5

Asian 419 1.1

American Indian 211 0.6

Total: 35,670 (figure difference of 99) 100.1

B. Weslaco Police Department

The Weslaco Police Department currently has a total of 54 fully sworn police officers along with eight vacancies. The breakdown of the racial make-up of the sworn officers of the Weslaco Police Department is as follows:

Hispanic Males 39

Hispanic Females 5

Caucasian Males 5

Caucasian Females 0

Black 0

Asian 0

American Indian 0

Total : 54

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Our Community Outreach Officers Eric Hernandez and Carlos Hinojosa presented to the staff at Valley Grande Manor today. The topic presented was about Workplace Violence/Active Shooter. The Weslaco Police Department would like to thank Administrator Martin Casas for the invitation and for providing his staff with valuable information. Should you need any presentations at your workplace, please contact the Weslaco Police Community Outreach Division at 956-968-8591 Ext. 2211 or 2006.

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We still have space available. Don’t forget to RSVP!!! Call us at (956) 968-8591 Ext: 2211 or email us at weslacopdpars@weslacotx.gov.

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City of Weslaco Office of Emergency Management
Warming Shelter Opening, Tuesday 1-16-2018

119 E. 5th St.
Weslaco, Texas 78596

Cold Temperature Alert for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Nights
WESLACO, TX (January 15, 2018) – The First Baptist Church Weslaco and the City of Weslaco have been activated for Tuesday, January 16, Wednesday, January 17, and Thursday, January 18, 2018 for all individuals requiring overnight emergency shelter due to anticipated cold weather.
The shelter is open to families, women, and men. For those who need overnight sheltering, please go to the First Baptist Church 600 South Kansas Street Weslaco, Texas. The shelter will have intake from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM and will remain open until 7 AM.

For more information, contact Steven Parker at 956-968-9585.

First Baptist Church

City of Weslaco Office of Emergency Management
Antonio Lopez, Fire Chief/Emergency Manager