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West Valley City Utah Police Station Address: 3575 Market St, Salt Lake City, UT 84119, USA

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Congratulations to Officer Carver who received the NAACP First Responder Award at the 34th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial Luncheon.
Congratulations on this very special award! https://t.co/jT9x5HefmX

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These folks used a stolen credit card to make multiple purchases. Recognize any of them? Let us know. 801-840-4000. https://t.co/BmFXhdmIbd

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Join the Chief’s live community meeting and ask any questions you might have. Click here: https://t.co/LB0SrdyC2x https://t.co/18rONBN4Hh

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@spencerking Hi Spencer, we appreciate your patience today. We have a number of accidents right now as well as a death and a couple other emergency type calls. We do understand your time is valuable and make every effort to respond as quickly as we can.

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The #WVCPDGivingTree party is underway for the families receiving help this year. We don’t show faces from this party, but trust us, there are big smiles all around! https://t.co/OkGg3Jbtlo

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TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY: from plain white to wearing the WVCPD logo. A big thanks to the folks who work in the city shops and work their magic on so many city vehicles.

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Congratulations to Officer Carver who received the NAACP First Responder Award at the 34th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial Luncheon.
Officer Carver’s nomination read in part, “As I had the opportunity to spend hundreds of hours observing Officer Carver in action, I learned that he truly sees each person he interacts with as having great intrinsic value no matter their station in life. He treats everyone with the highest level of respect and dignity. I watched Officer Carver time and time again deal with the “least of those” among us in not only a compassionate and respectful way but in an effective way. His actions have directly led to a better life for hundreds of people in our community.”
We’re honored to have Officer Carver represent the WVCPD. Congratulations on this very special award!

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One year ago this week. What a great story to remember!

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Take a look at some great ideas to organize your neighborhood!

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FIND SHEREE’S KILLER: On a frosty January day in 2005, a man sorting trash in a dumpster made a grim discovery, Sheree Allen’s body. Allen was murdered, her body stuffed into a trash bag and dumped in the dumpster behind the Hollywood Video store. Leads on this case have dried up and WVCPD detectives are looking for new information. Please share Sheree’s story. Help us find her killer and bring her family some small measure of peace. If you have any information that might help in her case, please call 801-963-3490 or email coldcasetips@wvcpd.com.

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Folks, it’s time once again to Find a Fraud… or in this case a few of them. These four are suspects in a fraud case involving a stolen credit card. Before the victim even realized someone got their hands on his card, these four had already racked up a bunch of charges.
So far, we’re calling them 🔥 fiery fedora guy, 🧢 blurry ball cap guy, 👟 slick sweatsuit gal and 👤 cap-wearing can’t see much of his face guy… but we’d really like to know their real names. Please share their photos and if you recognize any of them, let us know. Send us a tip here on Facebook or call 801-840-4000. You can remain anonymous.