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Wausau Wisconsin Police Station Address: 515 Grand Ave, Wausau, WI 54403, United States

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Great teamwork brought a very dangerous man to justice! https://t.co/kSY7kImlxe

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Lt. Cord Buckner gives tips on how to drive safe through our winter. #wiwx #wausau https://t.co/C6UEyryaLq

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Thank you to our friends at @LQ in #Wausau for lending our K-9 teams a few rooms to do training in today. We are so thankful for our great community partners! https://t.co/0rZdeUXH1g

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Wausau Police Department

The City of Wausau has maintained a police force in the community since the city’s inception. From constables to peace officers, preventing crime and disorder was a crucial focal element of the City. The mayors of Wausau appointed police chiefs to oversee community safety. Police chiefs falling from favor were oftentimes replaced, as local politics played a major role in how enforcing disorder and crime was administered in the nineteenth century.

In the early 1900’s, the Common Council of Wausau formally created the Wausau Police Department through adoption of a city ordinance. This ordinance also created the office of the chief of police and subordinate officers. In addition, the City elected to have a citizens committee, known as a Police & Fire Commission, appoint the local police chief.

Following is a chronological listing of modern day police chiefs for the City of Wausau.
Thomas Malone 1900 -1936
Walter English 1936 – 1945
Everett Gleason 1945 – 1958
Norman Zietlow 1958 – 1964
Everett Gleason 1964 – 1976
Sylvester Gajewski 1976 – 1988
William Brandimore 1988 – 2005
Jeffrey Hardel 2006- Present

Chief Jeffrey Hardel began his career in law enforcement in 1980 as a patrol officer with the City of Wausau. Chief Hardel worked as a School Resource Officer prior to being promoted to Lieutenant. In 2001 Chief Hardel was promoted to Inspector of Patrol Operations and in 2003 to Deputy Chief. During his career with the Wausau Police Department, Chief Hardel initiated the D.A.R.E. program in the Wausau School District, was very active in Special Olympics and was instrumental in transitioning the department to the Community Oriented Policing Philosophy, a philosophy he uses to lead the department forward.

The Wausau Police Chief is held responsible for the operations of the police department and is under the direction of the Mayor and the Common Council. The Wausau Police Department is comprised of sixty-eight police officers, with fourteen of those positions assigned to command and supervisory duties. The remainder of the officers are deployed in patrol and investigations. The department has six full time civilian members plus sixteen adult crossing guards who are part-time employees. All police services are coordinated through the police department facilities located at 515 Grand Avenue, Wausau, Wisconsin.

Wausau Police Department

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Wausau Police Department

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How cool to get recognition from friends on the other side of the world (New Zealand)!

Wausau Police Department

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We have received some information about a possible scam involving some phone numbers with a 206 area code. Please exercise caution if someone calls to say you been awarded $9,000 in federal grant money, but you just need to front $200 in some form before they can send it. The old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” comes to mind.

Wausau Police Department

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Today we recognize the life and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We have shared on this page numerous MLK quotes over the years. His vision of a community, and country, united despite differences shines as a goal we all should be trying to achieve in our daily lives.

Today, and every day, let’s work together as a community, as human beings, to lead our lives with acceptance and grace for others.

In this speech, Dr. King recommends three things that should be in our life’s blueprint:

1) A deep belief in your own dignity; your own worth; your life has significance!
2) The determination to achieve excellence.
3) An eternal commitment to the principles of beauty, love, and justice.

At Wausau PD, we commit to our community that we will do our best to go about our work with these three tenets put forth by Dr. King. We will treat each of you with the dignity you deserve as human beings; because you matter! We will continue to work to improve ourselves every day. We will stand strong with our commitment to seek justice because we love this beautiful community!

Finally, in the end of this speech, MLK says “if you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. But by all means, keep moving!”

We will continue to move toward the goal of a united community!



Wausau Police Department

How to Design Your Life’s Blueprint – Martin Luther King

Keep Moving speech – Martin Luther King Jr. gives an inspiring speech about the importance of having a sound blueprint that will guide you in life and on why…
Wausau Police Department

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We would love to reunite this Nintendo Switch with its owner. If this belongs to you, please DM us and describe the case it was in and the games that are inside. Hopefully, we’ll get you gaming again in no time.

Wausau Police Department

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An amazing donation of $500 in gift cards was made by PEO Chapter CO! The money was used to purchase items that will be handed out to young crime victims. Thanks goes out to our Victim/Witness Specialist, Kristin Spiegel-Berg, for going on a shopping spree with these funds!

One of the difficult parts of this job is seeing those that are among the most vulnerable among us – children – be victimized. This donation will provide some comfort and needed items to children in our community.


Wausau Police Department

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On 01/10/18 at about 6:15 AM, Wausau Fire and Police responded to the Wausau School District property located on Coates Ln. north of Sell St., regarding a storage building that had burned sometime overnight. This building had been the target of vandalism/graffiti in recent weeks.

In the course of investigation over the last two days, investigators were able to review still images from surveillance cameras that were in place. A camera captured a vehicle at the storage building in the early morning of 1/10, shortly after 1:00 AM, which was followed by spray painting to the building, and then a fully involved fire shortly after 3:00 AM.

As a result of the camera images and citizen tip information received by the Police Department, Detectives located and took into custody two adult males and the vehicle involved, at about 1:20 PM today.

William A. Ritchie (22 years old) of Wausau and Jacob J. Kerswill (19 years old) of Weston are expected to appear in court on Tuesday, January 16th for felony charges of Arson. Interviews/follow up investigation are continuing at this time. The Wausau Fire Department and WI DOJ-DCI assisted with the investigation.